Top 180 Unique Research Paper Topics in 2022

188 Brilliant Research Paper Topics

Conducting research is one of the inevitable aspects of an academic course. Without drafting a research paper, the graduation program would be considered incomplete. The major mistake that the students make while drafting a research paper is that they consider the task easy, just like any generic dissertation paper or essay. Drafting a research paper gets strenuous to such a limit that most of the students lose the whole balance of their academic careers.

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Top 180 Unique Research Paper Topics in 2022
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In order to draft the research paper in a very effective and time-bound manner, the student should be well confident about the selected research paper topics. It is the dilemma from where to start, which haunts the students rather than the issue of writer’s block. Hence selecting the appropriate research paper topics is one of the crucial steps in drafting a research paper. We recommend our readers select the research paper topics that are thought-provoking in nature and could contribute further to the related field. It is very important that students should attract the attention of the professor by using innovative research paper topics to score high marks in the final evaluation.

How to select appropriate research paper topics?

As mentioned in the previous section of this article, the selected research paper topics should be interesting so that exciting content could be presented before the intended audience. The audience would not stick around a piece of literature that has nothing new to contribute. Try to focus on the below-provided guidelines if you are finding it difficult to arrive at appropriate research paper topics for your assignments. Let us have a detailed look over the guidelines provided in the below section.

Research Paper Topics

Take an innovative approach.

Though there are some limitations to be innovative in some disciplines like History and Law, we recommend our readers to explore the new aspects of the selected theme in their respective papers. The surprising element in the drafted research would positively impact on the final marks after evaluation. Try to conduct in-depth research to slice out some interesting facts, and this would blow the mind of your audience.

Select the research paper topics of your interest

No matter whatever advanced research paper topics you would be offered with, you could not bring quality and insight into the paper if you are not interested in it. Arriving at an appropriate topic from the plethora of research paper topics is a big challenge in itself. You could draft a research paper efficiently if the selected topic is related to your discipline of graduation.

With being passionate about the selected theme, it would be very laborious to draft a research paper on it. The real passion and interest in the theme would encourage the students to conduct in-depth research since they have already a significant hold over it.

Try to remain focused and specific.

It is very hard to remain focused while drafting a research paper since many topics are interrelated and lead the discussion to other aspects of the discipline. The research paper which does not stick to its central theme would be deemed as an invalid one by the audience. Try to be focused around the central theme and avoid beating around the bush. Whatever arguments you have made in the research paper should be appropriately supported by the relevant pieces of evidence. It would give an impression of authenticity in the drafted research paper.

Check the availability of further research papers and relevant sources in the related theme.

It is the relevant data and observations made in the previous research papers that comprise to be the backbone of the research paper. If the selected research paper topics are not much explored by the scholars on an early basis, then it would be very hard for the student to find relevant data regarding it. We recommend our readers to rely on peer-reviewed journals and textbooks to ensure the factor of authenticity in the paper. The scientific explanations and the disciplinary theories should be referred to from an authentic source. Try to search for resources on an early basis if you have decided to select a controversial topic.

Various types of research papers

Comparative research paper

Multiple case studies are being considered in this version of the research paper. Similar and different aspects are being analyzed by conducting detailed research on the selected theme.

Descriptive research paper

A phenomenon or incident is being analyzed from various perspectives in the descriptive style of the research paper. The whole impartial and subjective aspect of the selected research topic is explored in the descriptive research paper.

Casual research paper

In this approach of the research paper, the author is required to check the level to which other factors are influenced by the variation in a single variable. The author is required to provide a valuable evaluation of the possible relationship between the mentioned factors.

Decisive factors which point out good research paper topics


Try to select the topics which are currently in the news a lot. It would help the author in attracting the attention of the audience. Selecting the trending research paper topics would also ensure that there is an ample number of sources available to conduct the research.


You should check whether the selected research paper topics could provide a focused discussion over a single theme. It is the clarity and focus in the content of the research paper, which brings quality to it.


The selected research paper topics should be relevant to the audience. Hence the research paper topics should only be selected after checking the preferences of the audience.


Check whether the topic is pertaining to the real instance. Only after checking the Genuity of the topic, it should be selected for the research paper.


The topic should be significant to the interest of the audience and the course pursued by the student.

Research Paper Topics

Research Paper Topics in Religion

  1. Association of women in religions
  2. Mention of the bisexual concept in the Bible
  3. The way teenagers perceive the ideology of religion
  4. Concept of creationism
  5. The indulgence of Christian activists in social activities.
  6. The economic philosophy of Christianity
  7. The intellectual layout of the Christian religion
  8. Connections between the concept of Modernism and religion.
  9. Religious counselling and pastoral
  10. The mention of sex in religion

Research Paper Topics in Medicine

  1.  Physicians are changing the patients into drug addicts. Evaluate this statement.
  2. Encouraging therapy to be provided if the person is going through depression.
  3. Ethical background of advertising medicine on visual media
  4. The effectiveness of the placebo effect in treating the patients.
  5. Evaluate the positive and negative aspects of using vaccines in infants.
  6. The approach to be made by the government to prevent animals from medical testing
  7. The way in which obesity affects the metabolism of the human body
  8. The benefits of using marijuana as a medical prescription.
  9. The habit of vegan food and its effects on children.
  10. Is cow milk healthy for infants?

Research Paper Topics in Law

  1. The role played by the office of the US copyright department in preventing the writers from corporates.
  2. The perception of Islamic law all around the world and legal restrictions on their community.
  3. The major interventions were made by the Inter-American human rights library on a global platform.
  4. The contribution of ECOLEX in the evolution of Environmental law.
  5. The contribution made by the comparative criminal procedure in the evolution of legal format to the current form.
  6. The significance of understanding the GATT document.
  7. The effectiveness of international criminal court organizations in the twenty-first-century world.
  8. The role played by the European patent office.
  9. The role played by the women community in the legislative process all over the world.
  10. Mass communication law and its features.

Research Paper Topics in Education

  1. The way to curb bullying and steps to be taken to aware of the students against it.
  2. The role played by periodic examinations in sustaining the academic proficiency of the students.
  3. The way the new education system is being influenced by the introduction of modern technologies.
  4. Earning gap in between the literate and illiterate population.
  5. The extent to which the new teaching techniques have been effective.
  6. Government initiatives to be taken to make the process of education way cheaper.
  7. Considering the increasing occurrence of violence, should metal detectors be made compulsory in schools.
  8. Predict the way in which the educational system would be influenced by the new technologies in the future.
  9. Social networking and its after-effects on the high school students
  10. The specific approaches to be taken to renovate the education process of blind children.

Research Paper Topics in Literature

  1. The use of literature and fictional works by influential groups for spreading particular propaganda.
  2. The works which have brightened the American literature.
  3. The theme of sex and romance in renaissance literature.
  4. The novel of Harry Potter and the representation of the medieval world in it.
  5. Evaluate the tag of independent literature given to fanfiction literature.
  6. The new investigative trend in modern period literature.
  7. How to understand the genre of literature you are reading? Evaluate by focusing on major distinguishing factors.
  8. The benefits that have been attained from the women’s suffrage movements.
  9. Compare the two different novels on the basis of allegory used in it.
  10. The factors that are diminishing the literature in the modern world.
  11. The major reason behind the use of similes and metaphors by authors in their literature.

Research Paper Topics in Environment

  1. The side effects of consuming genetically modified crops.
  2. Approaches to be taken by international bodies to counter the phenomenon of global warming.
  3. Evaluate the safety aspects of using nuclear power as a sustainable source of energy.
  4. Awareness measures to be taken to avoid the wastage of papers and hence preventing deforestation.
  5. Is it possible to control the growth of the population?
  6. The use of modern technologies in successfully predicting the occurrence of a hurricane.
  7. The significance of producing new films with the theme of environment protection.
  8. Making modern buildings that could sustain violent hurricanes.
  9. The negative impact of man-made activities on natural vegetation.
  10. The tectonic activities lead to the occurrence of an earthquake.

Research Paper Topics in History

  1. The architecture of the Aztec empire.
  2. Feminism and the role played by World War in its evolution.
  3. The strong resemblances and differences between Greek and Roman literature.
  4. The events that lead to the occurrence of the second world war.
  5. The instance when the ideology of liberalism would be considered as an optimal approach.
  6. The role played by the monetary system in the evolution of human civilization.
  7. The positive impact made by the modern women suffrage movements.
  8. The way in which Asian art has influenced western art.
  9. Which military strategy could be considered as the most effective one on the global outlook?

Research Paper Topics in Sports and Entertainment

  1. Role of social media platforms in lowering the self-esteem of teenagers.
  2. The impact of social media platforms on modern society.
  3. The part played by the tv serials in establishing fake moral standards.
  4. Frequent display of violent behavior from the children who are chronic gamers.
  5. The need to ban some television programs.
  6. Ethical background of using animals in entertainment shows.
  7. Evitability of women competing against men.
  8. Non-achievable beauty standards set forward by conducting beauty contests.
  9. The negative impact of gaming consoles on youth.
  10. Probability of newspapers being replaced by online media in coming future. Discuss the after-effects of it.

Research Paper Topics in Middle school

  1. The greatest warrior who ever lived on this planet.
  2. Health impacts of adopting veganism.
  3. The portrayal of child characters in various cartoons and child magazine.
  4. Analyze the statement that the greenhouse effect is just a hoax.
  5. The technology used by various sailors to find direction in the ancient era.
  6. The long-lasting effects of earthquakes on the national economy.
  7. Analyze the way in which poetry has evolved.
  8. The proper limitation over console gaming that would avoid addiction.
  9. How the approach of competition is vital for the sustenance of the human race?
  10. Conduct an analysis of Princess Diana and her dynasty.

Research Paper Topics in Politics

  1. Is implying absolute socialism possible in the practical world?
  2. Ethical feasibility of lowering the drinking age.
  3. Should capital punishment be abolished all around the world?
  4. Analyze the legal prospect of retaining a concealed handgun by an adult.
  5. Approaches to be taken to avoid the process of workforce reduction.
  6. The tactics to be implied by the international bodies to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
  7. Is it possible to create a warless and peaceful world?
  8. Political measures to be taken by African and Middle East countries to avoid ethnic killings.
  9. Advancements to be made by the Israeli government to make peace with Palestinians.

Research Paper Topics in Business

  1. Variation in business strategies because of the fluctuating global climate.
  2. Is implying dirty business politics is far efficient than using ethical strategies.
  3. The role played by globalization in raising sustainable development.
  4. A business could be started with absolutes zero capital. Analyze this statement by relying on the current political scenario.
  5. The way to make your startup a financially successful one.
  6. Provide an analysis of any random notorious business leader.
  7. The relevance of expanding the business to another country.
  8. The reason for the high success rate of family business entrepreneurship.
  9. Best business strategies to accelerate the financial growth of a small-scale business enterprise.
  10. The ethical decisions to be made on a daily basis by a businessman.

Research Paper Topics in Psychology

  1. The reason why some people are individually gifted. Analyze it by relying on psychological theories.
  2. Could autism be classified as a mental disease? Also, analyze the condition on the background of idiosyncrasy.
  3. The negative impact on the immune system by the state of depression.
  4. Predicting the future of a person by referring to the behavioural pattern.
  5. The effect of stress on the human immune system.
  6. The ways to curb violence among children.
  7. The influence of dreams over the mood of a person.
  8. How to efficiently deal with a mental breakdown?
  9. How the situation of insomnia could impact the metabolic state of the human body.
  10. Effectiveness of music treatment.

Research Paper Topics in Mathematics

  1. Unsolved math problems that have troubled scholars for centuries.
  2. The role of the algorithm in the evolution of new technologies.
  3. The practicability of the mathematical equation in real life.
  4. Building a monopoly strategy by using mathematical theories.
  5. The correlation between math and music.
  6. The reason for choosing as an unknown variable in mathematics.
  7. Should mathematic competitions be banned in high schools?
  8. How the discipline of mathematics has evolved the whole human civilization.
  9. The reason why people with a high IQ could understand very hard mathematical concepts very quickly.
  10. Provide a valid solution for the McDonald math problem.

Research Paper Topics in Culture

  1. Could the Victorian period be considered as the major phase of cultural change?
  2. Series of historic events that have evolved human civilization to its current form.
  3. The impact over the ancient Mediterranean world by the Greek cultural influence.
  4. The historic background of racial discrimination and its origin.
  5. Ethical feasibility of pregnant celebrities appearing on magazine covers.
  6. The origin of antisemitism.
  7. Why is pop culture still in trend with the youth population?
  8. The influence over modern art by visual commercials and advertisements.
  9. The remarkable milestone of cultural evolution in the twentieth century.

Research Paper Topics in Science and Technology

  1. Increasing protection from identity theft by using bitcoins for financial transactions.
  2. Use of electromagnetic spectrum in treating cancer and other biological conditions.
  3. The changes to the human civilization that self-driving cars could bring.
  4. The scientific pieces of evidence which ensure the presence of water in the terrestrial area of Mars.
  5. The scientific confirmation that CMB is the outcome of the Big Bang.
  6. Predict the contribution of the human lifespan by reviewing the current advancements in the field of nanomedicine.
  7. Evolution among animals by constant interaction with humans.
  8. Predict the future of Artificial intelligence in future decades.
  9. Could renewable energy replace fossil fuels in the near future?
  10. Modern cryogenic technology and its implication in daily life.

Research Paper Topics in Social Issues

  1. Gender gap and its stereotypes existing in the corporate world.
  2. The interpersonal gap happened because of the increased use of social media.
  3. Contribution of various ethnicities that led to the formation of the USA.
  4. Playing sports and the consequential effect of it on building social abilities.
  5. Are black women are being discriminated against in the current American society.
  6. The tolerance level towards LGBT communities all around the world.
  7. Effective measures to be taken to avoid privacy issues while operating on Facebook.
  8. Positive and negative aspects of acquiring global citizenship.
  9. Psychological training to deal with social anxiety.

Research Paper Topics in Technology

  1. Predict the future of the internet and the fields in which they could contribute the most.
  2. Evaluate how much our data is safe on the cyber platform.
  3. Could virtual reality substitute the actual reality in the near future?
  4. The use of advanced technology in preventing attacks from terrorists.
  5. Use of cloud technology for storing personal data.
  6. How close are we to attain Artificial Intelligence?
  7. How personalities like Steve Jobs Bad Bill Gates have changed the whole world.
  8. Researches in new aspects that promise to change the world in the twenty-first century.
  9. The contribution of normal citizens in contributing to the progress of technology.

Research Paper Topics in Health

  1. Need for awareness programs regarding mental illness among high school students.
  2. The way in which intoxicating substances like marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco affects the metabolism in the human body.
  3. Obesity and Anorexia, the two aspects of the same coin.
  4. The relevance of vaccination in the modern world.
  5. The way in which excessive fat affects the human mind and way of thinking.
  6. Birth control and the ethical reason behind abolishing it.
  7. Daily routine to be adopted to reduce the risk of cancer.
  8. How to reduce the risk of Alzheimer.
  9. Researchers that would help in curing AIDS.
  10. Ethical background of legitimizing Euthanasia.

Research Paper Topics in Family issues

  1. Significance of learning family values.
  2. Battered woman syndrome.
  3. How to value family relationships?
  4. Frequent increase in child abuse cases in American society.
  5. Increasing divorce rates in love marriages.

Controversial research paper topics

  1. Bullying nature of developed countries over third world countries.
  2. What punishment should be levied on rapists and serial killers?
  3. Role of police unions in curbing the rate of corruption.
  4. The incidents led to the accident of state of the art plans to crash. Lessons learned from the accident to prevent the occurrence of further accidents in the future.
  5. Measures to be taken to curb the inflow of immigrants.
  6. Government programs to support homeless children.
  7. Challenges and ignorance faced by transgenders in modern society.

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Research Paper Topics

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