Describe how the return of WWII veterans was a catalyst for the Civil Rights movement.

This is a discussion question in History 1306  This will be a short answer with around 250 word minimum in 3 paragraphs.This will be written in your own words and no Plagiarism.   Describe how the return of WWII veterans was a catalyst for the Civil Rights movement.  

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Comparative Essay Assignment: The End of WWII: Ethics and Experience

This essay is worth 15 points out of the final grade; the entire assignment is worth 18 points out of the final grade (15 for this essay and 3 for the Comparative Essay Dialogue/Discussion that precedes it). Write a minimum 1500 word double-spaced, error-free essay fully responding to the following prompt: It could be said […]

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WWII Power Point

Both Stalingrad and D-Day have been called turning points of WWII, one on the eastern front, and one on the western front. First, in about 4 slides, describe and explain if you agree with this assessment, and then, in about 2 slides, identify which battle you think is more significant to the outcome of the war. […]

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The consumer rises (WWII and Its Aftermath, Broadcast Networks & Early Pop Culture)

 After World War II, tremendous changes in Europe, America, and elsewhere led to the emergence of a new era of geo-political rivalries. And at the same time, the return of GI’s to the USA resulted in a boom in not only babies but the American standard of living.    Provide your thoughtful responses to the […]

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America After WWII

Write a 500-750 word essay on the transformation of American society after WWII. Discuss important topics like suburbanization, the GI Bill, the automobile, and the effects of consumerism on society and gender spheres, racial experiences, and youth culture. Conclude by answering What was the role of religion in post-WWII society?

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