Windshield Surveys

  Windshield Surveys With the use of public transportation or by driving a vehicle around the community, you can assess the common characteristics of the community of your selected aggregate. Key observations to make during a windshield survey include the following: Age and condition of the homes in the community Location and condition of parks […]

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Community Windshield Survey Tampa, FL

Prepare a 15- to 20-slide presentation using the Kaltura tool in Blackboard (See Getting Started with Kaltura in your course menu on the left). Make sure your presentation includes audio and either speaker notes, a video capture of yourself delivering the presentation, or full video (see example listed below). The presentation should be between 8 […]

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Geriatric Windshield Survey Paper – 3 pages

Step 1 – Geriatric Survey is attached and must be used! Home is located in Houston, TX Step 2: From the point of view of an older adult, use the information you gathered in step 1 to evaluate your neighborhood in terms of how adequately it will meet your present and anticipated future needs. Write […]

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Windshield Survey

I found an article that did the breakdown/windshield survey of Beverly, Illinois so you can reference this for your assigned sections below: just do these in a powerpoint presentation slide Stores, Service Centers  Schools   Transportation Health Status of the Community  Case Management   

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Windshield Survey of the Community Assignment Directions

You will complete this assignment using the following form: N4465 Assignment Weeks 1 – 3 template-5_19.doc Overview of Community Assessment and Community Health Nursing Intervention: Community assessment is a systemic way to determine the health status, resources or needs of a population. Community Health Nurses (CHN) assess the community by using the nursing process: Module […]

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Windshield survey written assignment

 Conduct a windshield survey to identify a population and its primary health concern. Develop a 3–5-page report that explains demographic changes for a population and describes the health disparities and social determinants of health that can affect the population.  **Central Florida United States community** Requirements Conduct the windshield survey, using the template attached. Use the […]

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