these people must choose to vote for one of four people in the 1860 election. the candidates: Lincoln, Douglas, Breckinridge, Bell.   irving…

these people must choose to vote for one of four people in the 1860 election. the candidates: Lincoln, Douglas, Breckinridge, Bell.   irving is a new jewish immigrant to america lining in NYC. he has enjoyed his stay but has to deal with a lot of anti-semitism. His hope in life is to run his […]

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Who controlls your Member’s Vote?

Who represents you in Congress? No, who reallyrepresents you in Congress? Who does your member of Congress answer to beyond soliciting your vote every two years (if they are even opposed at all), and every six years for the Senate? For this discussion, let’s examine this. Please find your representative here (or if you’re outside […]

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  We’re in the midst of an election year and as I type this, eighteen days away from the August 6th primary here in Martin Luther King Jr. County. Students will submit a picture of themselves and/ or their parents, friends or other registered voters submitting their ballots to a King County Elections Drop Box. […]

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Mini Essay #4 The importance of the black vote

  Some political observers have labeled the “black” vote as unreliable. Others have labeled it essential. After viewing and reading articles on the websites If the link does not launch the website, copy and paste the link to access the video. below, in not more than three paragraphs, respond to the following statement. Explain the […]

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Vote MAC

 300 words  Please vote on which party provided the most reasoned, supported, an articulated argument for proposition # 1.  When you cast your vote please be specific on what points you agreed with and what was convincing to you about your selected winning argument. 

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Due in 48hrs 1200 words combin reading argue why we should vote Hillary

Purpose: In addition to building on skills from the previous two writing assignments, this essay will allow you to consider how key themes from course readings are expressed in spoken word.   Assignment: four-page (~1200-word) essay: Choose three authors we have read this semester Plato’s Republic, Galileo’s Letter, Marx’s Communist Manifesto, Friedman’s “Capitalism and Freedom” […]

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Compare the way in which we elect Presidents in our current system to the proposal of the National Popular Vote movement. Which method is superior? Explain your answer.

  Lesson Six Writing Assignment: The U.S. Constitution stipulates that Electors will vote for the office of President and Vice President, what we commonly refer to as the Electoral College. Two times in the 21st century the candidate with the most popular votes across the United States has not won the most votes in the […]

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