Visual Arts

 Write a 4–6-page explanation of visual aesthetic principles in art from the Baroque period through the early twentieth century. Then, assess the impact of contemporary aesthetic principles as used in commercial design.    For this assessment, complete the following: Write an essay explaining the aesthetic principles expressed in visual arts and describe how they changed […]

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: Visual Analysis

  Watch the video: Purdue OWL: Visual Rhetoric (here). Copy and Paste into your browser if the Blackboard link does not work: 2. Review Textbook Chapter 4 (Section 2-a) “Summary and Comparison of the Classical, Toulmin, and Rogerian Models” in the Week 7 Reading and Study folder. 3.  Review the visual (here):       The […]

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Personal Philosophy of Education Paper and Visual

  Write a 525- to 700-word paper in which you describe your philosophy of education.  Include your theories on three to five of the following topics:  The purpose of education The role of the student in education The role of the teacher in education The role of the teacher in the community What defines a community of […]

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Visual Art Paper

Visual Art Paper I’ve upload the art that I would like to used for this assignment. Students will choose a piece of visual art that is displayed at the Tarble Arts Center and write a one-page reaction paper and a two-page anaylisis paper. The paper will: Be three pages in total length, typed Have 1 […]

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Evaluate Visual Persuasion Communication

The company you work for uses numerous mediums to communicate to current clients, potential clients, and vendors, including direct mailings and email. However, you have noticed that the social media presence of your organization is minimal.Though you’re new to the company, you’ve helped your previous employers produce effective communication strategies to increase clientele. To bring this to light, you decide to write a memo to your boss that provides a list of ways to create a more prominent social media presence targeting potential clients. Instructions For this project, you can pick what kind of products and/or services the company sells, as well as their primary target audience. This is important because you’ll need to decide which social media platform will be the most appropriate for that situation. Choosing one specific social media platform as your focus—YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn—write an interoffice memo in Microsoft Word that touches on how this medium could be used, noting the different visual persuasion delivery methods. The memo should include the following: How this medium could be used, and the motivations behind the medium. How this medium differs from the others (direct mail and email). Why your chosen social media platform should be used to leverage potential clients. Briefly mention what products and/or services the company sells. Explain the pros and cons of your chosen platform. What visual techniques could help influence and persuade potential clients to choose your organization. Write a memo using Microsoft Word. Your final memo should be 2–3 pages in length.

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Assess Viewer Response to Visual Presentation

Scenario You work as a Clinical Nurse Specialist at a large hospital. You receive a phone call from your grandmother, who has received a bill from her healthcare provider after a recent stay at your hospital. She is having difficulty understanding the bill, and you agree to meet her to help her interpret the bill. To your surprise, you also find the bill difficult to decipher. You even called the hospital hoping for clarification, but that didn’t really help. While you and your grandmother were eventually able to figure out how much she owed and when it was due, you are still bothered by this experience. With your knowledge of visual perception—as well as your understanding of how culture, emotion, and cognition play a vital role in our interpretation of our visual experiences—you decide to contact the Billing Supervisor about it. You realize the importance of the feedback you want to provide, so instead of simply hoping to remember everything to say in an impromptu meeting, you decide to write down your thoughts in a detailed email with recommendations on how they can create a bill that even your grandmother could understand. Instructions First, search the web for an example of a confusing bill. You can search terms such as “confusing hospital bill,” “confusing clinic bill,” or “confusing medical bill.” It doesn’t need to be a real bill, i.e., it can be a template. But, it must be a bill that you think needs improvement in how it’s laid out. Then, draft an email using Microsoft Word. The email is directed to the healthcare provider on ways they might improve their bill using the following specific concepts: Visual Organization Connectivity Aesthetics It might be difficult to find a bill that needs improvement for all three of the bulleted items. For example, you might find a bill that has good visual organization and connectivity, but the aesthetics could be improved. Or, you might find a bill that has good aesthetics, but the visual organization and connectivity need improving. Whatever bill you use for this assignment, make sure you explain in detail why it’s good or bad according to the bulleted items.

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Visual Media and Consumers

Technology has played a critical role in shaping society in many ways. Communication is an essential aspect of human life that has been dramatically enhanced due to improved technology, a factor that has contributed to making the world a global village. Improved communication has resulted in sharing ideas and information among people regardless of the […]

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Technology in the Classroom Infographic, Visual, or Graphic Organizer

  Create an infographic, visual, or graphic organizer to explain how technology can be used in the following situations:  Whole-class instruction Small-group instruction Individual instruction Remediation or challenges for students Note: You may find helpful resources for creating your infographic, visual, or graphic organizer in the Technology Resource Library. 

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Visual Analysis

I need you to write an 800 to maximum 900 word visual analysis essay on an apple commercial. This is the link for the commercial:

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Deliverable 1 – Analyze Sensory Visual Communication Deliverable 1 – Analyze Sensory Visual Communication

Competency Analyze sensory visual communication. Student Success Criteria View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane. Scenario You are a member of a committee at work looking to inform their employees about a new campaign focused […]

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