Peer Review Required – Urgent Assignment – Due in 8 hours

  1) Use the Peer Assessment Rubric under the Assignment link to complete your peer assessment.  2) When scoring each item, be as specific as possible with your feedback. 3) When done, email your assigned colleague the completed peer assessment and then upload the completed Peer Assessment Rubric ED 504 document at the Peer Assessment […]

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Urgent 2

   In Topic 7, you will create a 15-20-slide PowerPoint presentation that analyzes a famous Western political speech. For this assignment: 1) Choose a speech transcript, audio, or video from the list provided in this document. Any speech not on the list must be approved by your instructor. 2) Review the selected speech and prepare […]

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Stein, Gertrude. “If I Told Him” (Urgent!!! Have to finish before 11PM today!!!)

Stein, Gertrude. “If I Told Him” 1. Discuss how Gertrude Stein’s playful manipulation of language along with her deliberate vagueness and repetition contribute to the thematic effects of “If I Told Him.” 2. How do you see Gertrude Stein being satirical and/or humorous in “If I Told Him”? Based on your experience with and knowledge […]

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In this discussion, you will consider the following information prior to responding with your post. In order to fully understand Hannah’s situation, please first answer the following: When are carbohydrates good for us? What are “good” versus “bad” carbohydrates? When are they not good for us or our bodies? What chemistry is involved in their […]

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        Answer this question in a short, one-page essay:   Were the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany products of World War I ?   Answer these short ID questions:   1.) Name three successor states that were formed after World War I in Eastern Europe.   2.)Name three important dates in European […]

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English assignment – Urgent 3 hrs .

I need you to read  Plan A.pdf and read Evaluation .pdf  then write a Evaluation memo to our instructor – Memo sample formate  attached under Memo Sample.pdf  also write ur comment or highlight using your  Pen scratch in the same document like you write what you think it’s wrong  or need to correct  in the Plan A and Plan B […]

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  To prepare for this discussion please watch each of the 6 films below and write a paragraph on each firm.  

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very urgent due 18 hours Topic and Outline + Essay

   write a well-developed essay using the primary source documents about the Renaissance available on Canvas. Your essay assignment will be divided into two sections:  1) Topic and Outline  You will submit a Topic/Outline of your writing project a few days before your final paper. This assignment will require you to identify the topic you […]

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Needed: Urgent! Movie Response Paper

Watch the Movie “When The Mountains Tremble” and respond to the following questions. (Will provide movie link) INCLUDE INTRODUCTION. Each question has it’s own paragraph. What was the “Ten Years of Spring” (1944-1954)? Which factor(s) would you consider more important in causing the U.S. to become concerned during this era: the United Fruit Company or […]

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. The first step in our hiring process is a practical exercise, which is described below. We hope you’ll enjoy it!  We’ll imagine the TurboVote database just crashed. We’re still able to watch new requests come into a blank version of the system, but in the meantime, we’re looking up everything by hand. The addresses […]

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