Touro University Cultural Values Discussion and Response

1. What roles do cultural values and learned moral and ethical models play in shaping business ethics?  Do you think these types of personal differences can be overcome to develop a universal ethical model for business practices today and in the future? 2.Utilizing the background material and your own external research, discuss a couple of ways social media and big data mining in shaping the future business.  What are the ethical concerns and possible limitations to their use? Reading and Background Material  Threaded Discussion 1: Allstate News. (2017). Global Code of Business Conduct [video file]. Retrieved from: (2:53). Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. (2017). Trends in Business Ethics [video file]. Retrieved from: (1:59).  Narver, D. (2018, Nov. 17). Understand the Challenges of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace [video file].  Retrieved from: (4:20).   OPTIONAL Eade, J. & O’Byrne, D.J. (2016). Global Ethics and Civil Society.  London: Routledge.  Retrieved from EBSCO eBook Collection. Read only chapters 11 & 12. Threaded Discussion 2: Wilcox, A. (2021, May 4).  CSE 4880 video presentation – Data mining: An ethical conundrum [Video]. YouTube. (10:51) Evatt, M. & Guttendorf, J. (2017). Professional Boundaries on Social Media: Risks and Consequences. Med-Surg Matters, 26(2), 1-8. Retrieved from EBSCO multi-search.   POST response prof.Values are vital, and they apply to the individual, the business, and society as a whole. Individual values are defined as “fundamental beliefs about what is essential to them, those things that they value the most and most frequently they will live according to those core values,”. The company has the same ideals as a person in this regard but the company would demonstrate its worth by fostering a feeling of purpose among its employees, which they would impart in their everyday interactions to symbolize the company’s identity.  Shared values exist throughout societies and cultures and have a significant role in the business environment as well as the expectations of businesses and businesspeople. Although these values may differ from one another, the idea that values are used to guide decisions remains the same.Making decisions in a specific way—decisions that are explicitly based on values, fairness, concern for society, and other ethical decision rules—is thought to play a substantial role in how moral one is perceived to be.These guidelines are widely used to evaluate how morally upright a person is in their interactions and choices. The values, traditions, and moral standards that make up each person’s personality are frequently thought of as the ethical behavior that results when we act in accordance with our values.Each person brings to the table his personality and qualities as well as his values, beliefs, customs, experiences, and religion when members of a culture from different backgrounds join together. Individuals will discover common ground by cooperating within the organizational culture, where they become a part of the organization’s values, norms, and standards. The qualities of individuals as expressed via their social identity and have an impact on the organizational culture. The culture citizenship behavior occurs through the interaction each person has with one another. The culture builds momentum through their good deeds as they become stronger in their shared power. The figure below shows how ethical decision-making processes occur in the organizational structure.

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Touro University Worldwide Challenges in Research Essay

1a. What challenges do you personally face when trying to write a research or term paper? What do you feel you can do to meet these challenges?  1b.What challenges and opportunities have you personally faced in the field of professional communications? Based on what you learned, what can you do to overcome the challenges and […]

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Touro University Business Essay

1a. Perform research using the Touro College online library, consulting the databases there to find a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal article that is related to the benefits/detriments of using spreadsheet software to write and/or present professionally. Also, acceptable: acknowledged professional journal (e.g. Wall Street Journal, New York Times, the Atlantic, Forbes, etc.). 1b. Will this information […]

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Touro University Worldwide Politics Influence Discussion

1.Describe how politics impact management across cultures. 2.Now that the BP Oil Spill has settled over the past few years, please discuss at least one ethical issue and one legal issue associated with the spill. Describe any cross cultural management implications associated with the spill. Please support your answer with academic and or legal resources. 

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Touro University Cultural Differences in Business Discussion

I’m working on a Communications exercise and need support. 1.  What is an expatriate? If you were an expatriate that is also a manager, would you need to know about managing people that you know absolutely nothing about? How would you learn? Is it possible to be an expatriate in your own country?  Please explain. […]

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Touro Globalization Has Enabled Business to Create International Influence Essay

you wrote a proposal on how you plan to implement education and training within the organization to address the opportunities and challenges associated with managing across cultures. Your emphasis was on the host country of origin from the host country’s perspective. For the Signature assignment, you will build on your Week 4 case assignment and […]

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Touro University Social Media and Professional Communications Discussion Questions

1. Using the Touro College online library, find a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal article that is involves social media and professional communications relative to your Signature Assignment. Also acceptable: acknowledged professional journal (e.g. Wall Street Journal, New York Times, the Atlantic, Forbes, etc.). 2. Are blogs useful in Professional Communications? Use background reading/material, and your own […]

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Touro University Language Barriers Discussion

1. Imagine that you are one of the top-level executives in the business you selected in module 2. You are informed that the organization’s financials must be presented to stakeholders and constituents at the U.S. location. The organization is augmenting you with their best Chief Financial Officer to assist you during the presentation. After you […]

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Touro University Professional Communications Presentation and Discussion

Scenario: 1. Scenario: You were asked to present your ideas you sent in the inter-office memorandum regarding online education in the field of professional communications (see module 3, TD2). Create a 3 slide PowerPoint presentation (excluding Title Slide) addressing the topic. If you are really bold, try adding an audio narrative to the presentation. In […]

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Touro University Email Formatting Techniques Memorandum

I don’t understand this Communications question and need help to study. 1. Email has become a way of life in the professional world. What ways might you format your email so as to ensure a professional response? What should a signature block consist of? What form of address is appropriate?   2.Similar to email, sometime […]

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