Tips for Successful Students.

  Max Points: 15.0 Read Lake and von Baeyer’s article, “Tips for Successful Students.” Also, review the characteristics of a successful student as explained in the lecture. As you consider these, which is your strongest characteristic? Why? How will this characteristic help you to become a successful student in your program of study?

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Jogging Strollers- Tips to Choose

Write a 4-page article on jogging strollers. This article should include headlines with the following titles. 1. About Jogging Strollers 2. What makes them different from regular strollers 3. Wheels of the Jogging Stroller 4. Brakes of the Jogging Stroller 5. Handle of the Jogging Stroller 6. Harness of the Jogging Stroller 7. Canopy of […]

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Write 1 paragraph that summarizes the main idea and tips given in the video.

  Write 1 paragraph that summarizes the main idea and tips given in the video.   Explain how you will implement the tips/advice explained in the video into your speech performance. What tip(s) would you give another public speaking student about the topic.   Video #1: “Wellcast – Be a More Confident Public Speaker”

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Resume and cover-letter tips

  Please access “Get Tips for Crafting Your Resume and Cover Letter” from Career Services UMUC. Peruse the resources and tutorials offered.  In responding to this discussion topic, share three strategies you learned from the resources on either resumes or cover letters or both. Try not to duplicate a strategy given by another classmate.  When this […]

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10 Tips To Help You Enjoy Your Holiday Nursing Shift

The holiday season is fast approaching and with that comes a lot of stress in both our personal and professional lives. No matter what holiday you celebrate, we hope it is a joyful and peaceful holiday for you and your family. To help you deal with the holiday details, we found this article that offers […]

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Tips for Taking a Semester off From College

  For most students, faculty may be the top 4 or 5 decades in their lives. But, in addition, there are many students who get to school and begin to experience burnout or confusion on what they wish to do after college. Sometimes this may result in falling grades, or pupils questioning whether going to […]

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Assignment: Using the “Ten Tips for a Clear Writing Style”

 Edit the following passage using the “Ten Tips for a Clear Writing Style.” Keep revising the passage until you are sure that you have made it as clear and concise as possible.  Hint: Fewer words is usually better! Try to eliminate words and combine ideas without losing the meaning of the passage. There are a […]

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5 Pro Tips for Staying on Track with Your Thesis Writing

So, you have finally decided to complete your dissertation and become a Ph.D., but now you find it hard to concentrate on work and complete the research? Do not give up, and do not feel bad. This entire scenario is normal, and many postgraduate students find themselves wondering whether the degree is worth the struggle. […]

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Tips For Balancing A Nursing Career and Parenting

Being a parent and a Nurse are demanding roles and it may seem almost impossible to thrive and manage both at the same time, but it is possible! If you’re a parent in the Nursing field consider these tips below.  Parent Guilt This feeling of missing out on important moments in your children’s lives while […]

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Effective Communication Tips For Nurses

On an average day, Nurses interact with many patients, their families and friends, and exchange information with numerous healthcare staff. It is critical to be a good communicator because medical errors will occur if providers aren’t all on the same page about patients’ diagnoses, treatment plans, etc. Some effective communication skills every Nurse should possess: […]

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