justification memo for technical writing class

its the justification memo for technical writing class. i have attached a fill which shows the question and template is attached too  Option 2 – If you are a full-time student, think about some change you would like to see on campus. Perhaps you would like to promote something new such as changes in course […]

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Technical Communication: Article Brief 20 mins

lecture the class for 20 minutes on the contents of a telecommunications journal article from the last five years that is related to the readings for a given week. View the attached model for the example for the first of these. ****Note this has to be an actual article****

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Technical writing

Hello I need help with this assignment, its a two page summary of the articale attached.  The guidelines, the grading rubric and the assignment are attached to this post.  please stick to the guidlines given 

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Florence Darlington Technical College Media and Institutional Racism Essay

1) Write a 4-page (double-spaced) research paper on the topic of “The role of the media in reinforcing ‘institutional racism.”  In addition to exploring examples of the problem of institutional racism, address how the media could play a positive role in mitigating this issue.  A minimum of six reliable research references is required.  Use a […]

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technical Writing week 5

  In our textbook, read “Chapter 5: Designing Documents” on pages 85 – 111. Do Exercises 2 and 3 on page 109. Exercise 2 refers to Figure 5-3, which is on pages 91 and 92. For Exercise 2, format your response as a memo addressed to me. Be sure to review the criteria for writing […]

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Technical and Professional Writing, origional work, due Sunday

    Write a letter of 3 paragraphs of reprimand or recognition to an employee who has performed problematically or magnificently during a specific festival preparation activity. Remember to remain civil, on task, and very precise in your description of circumstances that warranted the letter. Near the end of the letter, state the consequences resulting […]

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Technical and Professional Writing, origional work, due sunday

    Write an instructional guide of 1 page that explains how to set up a festival booth. Be sure to offer a clear heading that summarizes the task, use numbered lists if and when necessary, and do not mix instructions with conceptual information. Your level of detail should reflect the skill level of the […]

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technical Report.

Hello her is my Assignment and all the rquairmant    Assignment Description: Working alone, you will create a technical report related to an approved technical communication topic.    *Note – Technical Report Proposals are due Tuesday, April 19th, and topics will be approved by Tuesday, April 26th. Students should not change topics after April 26th.  MY PROJECT CALLED “GARBAGE INSECTS […]

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Unit V Technical Writing


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Explain the scientific and technical concepts related to communication.Which types of electromagnetic radiation are typically involved in the process of…

Explain the scientific and technical concepts related to communication. Which types of electromagnetic radiation are typically involved in the process of communication? How is information transmitted? What are the main differences between wired and wireless communications? Describe your perspective on communication technology such as wireless communication, the Internet, and smart phone technology. Provide at least […]

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