for SmartZena M2A1

M2A1 Project :Field Activity: Making the Mundane Deviant If viewing this through the Assignment tool, click the title above to go to the Submissions area. Upon successful completion of this activity, students will be able to: Analyze social phenomena utilizing theoretical frameworks Explain the concept of social deviance and provide examples of deviant behavior in […]

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SmartZena Only Please

  BSHS 395 Final Exam / week 5       This examination is to test your knowledge and what you have learned from The Helping Process: Assessment to Termination. This is an individual assignment. Please do not work in groups. Please work alone. Please do not share your answers or thoughts with others in […]

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For SmartZena only

Attached please find readings for this week.     Entering a Foreign Market Imagine you are the marketing manager for a U.S. manufacturer of paper products (including paper plates, paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, and tissues). Your company is considering entering the Argentinean market. Consider the following: Should the pricing decisions in Argentina be delegated […]

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