schooling& education. only 7 questions. very simple

just answer all the questions in the ppt. the ppt files i uploaded are the sample of the homework. so it is a very easy work.   need good quality. thanks.

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Pasadena City College American Immigrants Schooling and Housing Essay

Overview In this assignment you will be asked to choose 2 of 11 major ‘swing states’ from the 2016 election and find recent statistical data on the following: Income Median household income Percentage below poverty level (If possible, types of households & income) Education Secondary & Post Secondary education Ethnicity/Race Statewide Percentages of ethic groups […]

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Year-round schooling

  Introduction (one paragraph) Reveal broad knowledge of the overall topic Focus/preview the major points of your essay Include your thesis (We will workshop it in Week 6’s discussion) Body (two to three paragraphs) Make your major points to support the thesis Include a thorough and well supported argument/discussion Address the opposition (one paragraph) Introduce […]

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