EXHIBITION: Pan American Unity A Mural by Diego Rivera June 28, 2021–Summer 2023 Roberts Family Gallery, Floor 1 

 Please use link: https://www.sfmoma.org/exhibition/pan-american-unity/ Your Favorite Artwork from a Museum or Cultural Event Respond to these writing prompts about your selected artwork from a museum or cultural event.  What identifying information can you supply about the artwork and the artist?  Why did you select this piece of art to share and to write about?  What […]

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Art and Social Change in Latin America: Diego Rivera

  Write essay answers (you will need at least two or three paragraphs each, maybe more) for each question based on the readings and the texts. No citations are necessary. Please give examples and do not give vague answers. Provide details to back up your arguments.  How were Mexican muralists influenced by the 1910 Revolution […]

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