Edmund Burke, In his refinement of Plato’s Classical Conservatism

According to Edmund Greenberg, Edmund Burke, In his refinement of Plato’s Classical Conservatism model,  contended that, ” . . . inequality was not only necessary but inescapable for a harmonious and just society.” What did he mean by that assertion?

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intro to political phylisophy((2) Is justice conventional or natural? In the first two books of Plato’s Republic all of the participants believe that justice is conventional or political. Only Socrates believes that justice is the natural fulfillment of h

They are designed to get you to further develop skills in several areas – to do independent research; to enhance your critical thinking skills; to achieve a better knowledge base of Western political thought; to develop strong, evidence based, and coherent arguments in support of your thesis; to more objectively evaluate all sides of a […]

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Plato’s allegory of the cave 500-1000 words

These questions need to be answered in the paper! NO PLAGIRISM!!!! Attached will be a thorough explaination of the requirements:     Explain what the allegory is about? Evaluate what you think plato is trying to teach us?

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