Parenting older children

  You are a working single parent of a 16-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter. Your son has an 11 PM curfew on weekends, but recently, he has been ignoring curfew and coming home after midnight. When you try to address this with him, he either ignores you or gets angry and starts screaming at […]

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Respond to discussion boards response parenting

 They are 2 discussion boards post below. read and Reply to each discussion post 100 words per each response so total 200words.  Responses should demonstrate critical thinking and comprehension of the discussion topic and are strengthened when they are supported by additional research. You are expected to provide supporting details for your response; that support may […]

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Parenting Style

  Parenting is influential on developing children. Parental responses shape attachment in infancy and continue impacting development during early and middle childhood. Initial Post Define the four parenting styles: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and uninvolved. Select one parent style and create a scenario between a parent and child that demonstrates the parenting style. The scenario should […]

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What is your experience with parenting programs? What support will your counseling program offer to parents? What instructional services can you provide? L. Describe your experiences a

Week 7 – Weekly Reflection Prepare a substantive response in which you reflect on your selected prompt from the document. Please indicate which prompt you selected as a part of your response. ——->Weekly Reflection Prompts H & L: H. What is your experience with parenting programs? What support will your counseling program offer to parents? […]

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Sample Essay On Western Parenting Styles

Parenting is a great responsibility that comes with a broad range of decisions and choices to be made. They style of parenting often differ based on numerous dimensions of culture. In essence, different across the globe tend to have goals and perceptions regarding how to raise a child. China and the United States have different […]

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Parenting skills

I need someone to do my .5credit of my parenting skills class i need it for graduation please its on florida virtual school

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Parenting Today

Please respond to Question One (bolded) and one additional essay question under Question Two of your choice. Please provide a complete essay response for both questions. Each response should be at least two pages (double- spaced, 12 pitch, Times New Roman). One reference page should accompany your work in APA format. Please place your name […]

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Experiential Essay Topic- Parenting

I have an essay: 3000 to 4500 words I need by 08/15. I have experimental essay topic and a special format to follow. If you’re intereste please reach me..I need someone with excellent writing skills and to follow the following: Essays must be written and submitted in our essay template and follow these guidelines: They […]

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Discussion 3.1: Parenting Styles

  Identify Each of the four parenting styles. Explain how each of the four parenting styles can impact the social, cognitive, and emotional development in Early Childhood Include whether or not you think the most common parenting style has changed over the last decade.   Discussion Expectations:   The minimum requirements for class discussions are to respond […]

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“Non-Traditional” Parenting

Recently, the Journal of Pediatrics reported that 22% of gay male couples, and 43% of lesbian couples are currently raising children. The 2011 US Census estimated that 1/4 of all same-sex households are raising children. Single-parent households are becoming increasingly more common, as are bi-racial and multi-cultural families. Military deployments of one or both parents […]

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