Original Work Required about 350 to 400 words

Complete this week’s “The Graduate” scenario. You will notice that there are multiple arguments presented to influence your perspective on the issue confronted in the scenario. You confront arguments every day. In our digital age, however, they do not merely happen in face to face gatherings. Media and social media are often used to convey […]

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science fiction short story needed..HAS TO BE ORIGINAL

the topic is “the incredible shrinking computer“ needs to be 2000-3000 words long       the story should follow the plot outline below.  Step 1: Build the World  Who are the main characters? Where do they live? When? Select a date that is just on the other side of plausibility.  Step 2: Insert Technology Inflection Point  […]

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Assignment help. Must be original.

 ASSIGNMENT 1 and 2: LAB REPORTS Due in Weeks 5 and 10 and worth 240 points each. You are a scientist in your life and in the real world. Part of the fun of learning about the world and how it works is going beyond the text and seeing it for yourself in action. This […]

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500 word essay, two sources from historians in published in history books. Original work.

  What shaped Western culture in the period 1300–1550 more: the Black Death’s emphasis on the afterlife (the hereafter) or the Renaissance’s emphasis on human achievement (the here and now)? Choose one of these and explain your perspective. Start with a statement identifying your choice; this is your thesis. Then, support your choice with specific […]

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I need my paper to be original with average vocabulary and it must be a great paper…. I also need you to add some of our text book course into my paper (Television and American Culture” by Jason Mittell, chapter 2-7

HUM110HM—Assignment 2 Directions: After watching the “Water Park” episode of Malcolm in the Middle, write an essay that answers the following questions. 1. Integrity is an extremely interesting concept. When we use it to refer to a building or a bridge, we are referring to structural issues: the building or bridge’s ability to withstand not […]

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Discussion question 200 words original work due tomorrow at 6pm three references

  To Prepare: Review the Resources and reflect on the web article Big Data Means Big Potential, Challenges for Nurse Execs. Reflect on your own experience with complex health information access and management and consider potential challenges and risks you may have experienced or observed. By Day 3 of Week 4 Post a description of […]

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Lab Report 100% original please

Name:   Date:   Instructor’s Name:   Assignment: SCI103 Unit 1 Lab Report   Title: Measuring pH Levels   Instructions: Enter the Virtual Lab, and conduct the experiments provided before going out into the virtual field for additional research. Please type your answers on this form. When your lab report is complete, submit it to […]

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ASSIGNMENT 1 and 2: LAB REPORTS You are a scientist in your life and in the real world. Part of the fun of learning about the world and how it works is going beyond the text and seeing it for yourself in action. This quarter you are studying 4 major fields of science Physics, Chemistry, […]

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Nursing assingment (due in 12 hours, must be original)

Details: Refer to the “Master’s Prepared Nurse Interview Guide_student” as you prepare this assignment. Interview a nurse who is master’s-prepared in nursing and is using this education in a present position. Preferably, select someone who is in a position similar to your chosen specialty track. The purpose of the interview is for you to gain […]

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Resources: Chapters 8 and 10 of the text, We the People. Political participation and voting are important features of our democracy.  Prepare a 750- 1,050-word essay discussing the political system of the United States.  Address the following questions: Examine voting trends over time in the United States. Which groups vote? Which groups don’t vote? What […]

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