Social Networks and Theory

Individual psychology is an important component of health behavior and health education, but social interactions and environmental factors are also important. There are numerous theories and models that explain the relationships between and among individuals, their environments, and health behaviors. In light of the intersections between social networks and course themes of translating theory into […]

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Enhanced communication and transportation has allowed for the growth of networks. What are the pros and cons of this? Refer to both civil and uncivil networks

Arquilla, John. 2007. “Of Networks and Nations.” The Brown Journal of World Affairs XIV (1): 199–209.

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The consumer rises (WWII and Its Aftermath, Broadcast Networks & Early Pop Culture)

 After World War II, tremendous changes in Europe, America, and elsewhere led to the emergence of a new era of geo-political rivalries. And at the same time, the return of GI’s to the USA resulted in a boom in not only babies but the American standard of living.    Provide your thoughtful responses to the […]

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