Critiquing Platforms for Creating Multimedia Presentations

There are numerous platforms for creating multimedia presentations. This paper will seek to critique three platforms for creating multimedia presentation that include narrated PowerPoint, Prezi, and Screenshot-o-Matic. These platforms are associated with their benefits and shortcomings. One of the advantages of narrated PowerPoint over other platforms for creating multimedia presentation is that it helps keep […]

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Afroamerican politics (multimedia presentation)

TOPIC: Steven Lawson, Running for Freedom: Civil Rights and Black Politics in America Since 1941, (New York: Wiley-Blackwell, 2008). All students must post a multimedia presentation of their research paper to the discussion board.  Presentations must demonstrate that students have become an expert in the research subject. The presentations should clearly communicate the research topic, […]

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Integrating Multimedia in ELA Instruction

  It is important to integrate multimedia into ELA instruction and assessments when applicable in order to enhance the instruction in order to foster active engagement in literacy and create a supportive learning environment. For this assignment, create a 250-500 word digital brochure to give to families to highlight two multimedia tools that can be […]

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Multimedia Planning Worksheet

Complete the Multimedia Presentation Planning Worksheet, in which you will discuss your potential multimedia presentation for Project 3. Download the Multimedia Presentation Planning Worksheet to help you start Project 3 off on the right foot. Since this course has entailed quite a bit of writing thus far, this assignment provides you with an opportunity to […]

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Wk 5 – Political Parties, Political Participation, Campaigns and Elections Multimedia

  Assignment Content Imagine that you’ve applied for an internship with your local Senator but there are many other people competing for the position. In order to determine the best person for the job, the Senator wants to determine how much each potential intern knows about the U.S. electoral system. Create an 18- to 20-slide presentation […]

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Case Management Multimedia Presentation or a Case Management brochure needed

Resource:  a template in the program of your choice, to create an electronic brochure.    Select a case manager to interview for this assignment.   Create a case management brochure. Include the following in your brochure:   •Describe case management models applied within the case manager’s role as a human service worker.   •Describe his […]

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multimedia presentation

Hello is there anyone that can help me with my multimedia presentation.  I will have the instructions on what to do and how it should be done in the upload.

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8-2 Project 3: Multimedia Presentation

This is a presentation about a history topic. You can use Power Point slides or Prezi to make the presentation. Attached is a work that I have previously done and that’s what the presentation is related to. Let me know if you need any more clarification about the work.

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