COMS 321 Santa Monica College Wikipedia as Public Scholarship Essay

Requirements Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to practice the art of summarizing a longer work (article, book, etc.). Subject “Wikipedia as Public Scholarship: Communication Our Impact Online” by Elizabeth K. Rush & Sarah J. Tracy. Further explanation about the assignment Summarizing an essay or article demonstrates the depth of your understanding of that […]

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COMS 321 Santa Monica College The Future of Work Essay

For this assignment, you and your writing partner exchange your drafts of your “The future of work” essay, review and edit that draft, and discuss the process of reviewing and editing. Review of partner’s draft Again, the purpose of this exchange is for the both of you to help each other on those drafts. Check […]

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Santa Monica College Communications Questions

-Cover Page (see example annotation) -Citation at the top: Johnson, J.R., Rich M., Cargile, A. (2008). “Why Are You Shoving This Stuff Down Our Throats?”: Preparing Intercultural Educators to Challenge Performances of White Racism. Journal of International and Intercultural Communication. 1(2), 113-135. -Introduce the article -3 cited quotations that stood out to you, what did […]

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Santa Monica College the Primordial Journey Discussion

Hi Please fill out the podcast sheet for the two podcasts listed below. Please write on the sheet attached and fill It out for two separate podcasts linked below: 1. The Primordial Journey to an external site. June 15, 2018 2. Radio Lab- Fronads to an external site. June 24, 2018

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Santa Monica College Louis Armstrong Autobiography Discussion

Installment #2 (30 points): Students will submit the background research/citation showing high-quality, relevant research sources and knowledge of proper citation procedures. Any source from which quotes or paraphrased material is taken must be cited, otherwise you are guilty of plagiarism, a serious academic offense (See to an external site. ). I would like to […]

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Santa Monica Community Communication in Leadership Literature Review

Literature Review   write a literature review on a communication topic of your choosing. You are required to use a minimum of 6 academic/scholarly sources. Your literature review should be exemplary and organized thematically. The literature review should include a cover page, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page. Formatting as follows: Introduction: (1 paragraph) Thesis, significance […]

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Santa Monica College The Story of My Name Discussion

For this assignment you will write a 1 page paper that answers the question, “What is the story of your name?” Use the name, NICOLE SILKMAN and mention that my last name used to be Abrishamian but parents changed It when they got married. Abrishamian means Silkman.  Questions you may want to consider when working […]

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Santa Monica College Synthesis Writing Essay

Readings and Synthesis Minimum Requirements for this 2 page summary: -Introduce the article -3 cited quotations that stood out to you, what did the text say that you found insightful or important -What did you learn? Citation- Sorrells, Kathryn. (2013). Intercultural communication : globalization and social justice. 

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COME 356 Santa Monica College Quintilian & Cicero Discussion Questions

Reading Response 2- Quintilian & Cicero Quintilian like the other rhetoricians and philosophers you’ve read about up until this point was a teacher. He believed that teachers had a special role in the instruction of their students.  What was that role and how was it similar or different to the past rhetoricians and philosophers that […]

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Santa Monica College Our Culture of Contempt Discussion

1. Summarize the arguments in “Our Culture of Contempt” by Arthur C. Brooks (link to OurCultureOfContempt_ArthurCBrooks.pdf Actions ). This opinion piece was published in the Sunday Review section (p.9) of The New York Times on Sunday, March 3, 2019. In summarizing Brooks’s arguments, you can paraphrase or directly quote him. Remember to refer to Brooks […]

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