Gee’s “Literacy, Discourse, and Linguistics.”

Read the attached file and write a 150-250 word for each of the questions below. The question are based on Gee’s “Literacy, Discourse, and Linguistics.” Please use plenty of textual evidence to support your answers when applicable. Since some of you are using different versions of the textbook, please cite using paragraph number instead of […]

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1 Page Linguistics Essay

1)         Read the extract by Paul Roberts also titled “Speech Communities” (attached) 2)         Answer the following question in approximately 300 original words.     With reference to Paul Roberts’ account of the way language change occurs, how do you think American English and British English became different dialects? Include examples of specific words, idiomatic expressions, or […]

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Linguistics essay 1100 words

Compare and contrast the mating signals of two very different vertebrate orders: anurans (frogs and toads) and passerines (songbirds). What features do the anuran and passerine mating vocalizations share in common? What features are different? Discuss the mating signals themselves (acoustic structure, including elements and complexity), as well as how (anatomy and physiology) and why(sociology) […]

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  The deadline after 12 hours   this my whole semester book link:           Perform the Stroop experiment on two different people who are native speakers of English and two different people who are non-native speakers of English. 1.      Either print out the attached Stroop materials on a color printer […]

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Linguistics Analysis Midterm Some…

Linguistics Analysis Midterm Some questions are as follows to show what it consists of.The actual midterm contains 4 pages worth of linguistic work to do. I will present the work to the winner of the bids. What is the order of Quich morphemes (in terms of subject, verb, object, and tense marker)? What is the order of […]

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