Keiser University Business Communications Report Essay

As an individual contributor to the overall effectiveness of your assigned company’s external consultants team (company is identified in your Group Discussion Forum above), you have also been tasked with conducting a review of your company’s external and internal communications. To accomplish this task, your team has decided that each team member will select one […]

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Keiser University Communication Challenges Within an Organization Email Writing Task

This is a 2-part assignment that assesses your understanding of the process of communication within an organization of your choice (Part 1 is due this week, part 2 is due next week). Think about your own experiences in a professional organization (if you have no professional experience, you may consider a hypothetical scenario as well). […]

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Keiser University Organizational Communication PPT

Last week you identified three organizational communication challenges and suggested three strategies to overcome these challenges. This week you will extend your emailed proposal into a professional Power Point Presentation (PPT). Complete your assigned readings (paying close attention to the content from Chapter 14), review learning resources on creating effective slides, and develop your presentation. […]

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Assessment Invitation from Keiser University

I need help completing this test. if i fail this test i won’t get accepted in to the school please help help !! Keiser University has invited you to complete their assessment process: Instructions: Before beginning, please choose a quiet location where you will not be interrupted. Verify you have a supported web browser. A list […]

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Keiser University Week 1 Anthropometric Measurements Questions

reflection essay 1 why are organizational messages (internal and external) important for organizational effectiveness? Please provide an overview and personal insights. The reflection essay should be 2.5 page minimum be in APA format (no abstract page required), include a reference page, “Times New Roman” font, size 12, and the format for paragraphs is “double-spaced” and […]

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