Revision Intro and Lit.Review (Tutor Phyllis Young ONLY)

Revision Notes and Instructions from Professor (It’s just a revision for final draft of previous assignment   Let me know if you need the Previous one you did Saturday  Let me know the Price also. Thank you!!!

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Help with intro to politics summer class questions. each question must be 500 words and cite from book. let each question be its own document.

there is an online sample of book that leaves out pages occationally.   chapter 5 question. Civil rights ensure that the freedoms guaranteed to citizens by the Constitution are not arbitrarily denied to certain categories of citizens. Civil rights are thus the rights of all citizens to legal, social, and economic equality. Discuss and explain […]

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500 word answer to question based on intro to politics

In your post, you may choose one essay question to answer. In your post I look for demonstrated familiarity with the course content, synthesized understanding, critical analysis, and most importantly your original thinking. Your post is worth five points. You grades should reflect the quality of your work along these criteria. As a general guideline, […]

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Readings for this essay are: the wadsworth Handbook- thinking critical, evaluating ideas:an intro to critical reading (Jacobus), Niccolo machiavelli- the qualities of a prince, martin luthern king jr- letter from Birmingham jail. Incorporate relevant el

                    Paper type:essay Format:APA Number of sources:4 Pages:3/825 words price:4.5USD Double spaced                            

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Intro to Ethics

Short Answer Questions – prepare one paragraph rely to each part/topic (worth – 10 points each)   A.       What is Aquinas’ scholasticism and then discuss the idea of natural law and compare it to human and eternal law.     B.      According to Kant, what is the categorical imperative and why is it different than […]

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essay intro

Read the chapter and answer the given questions Be ON TIME Give minimum of 3 citations from the reading  500 words (2 double spaced pages) NO plagiarism!!

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Intro to ethics

  Your Essay post should be 500 wds, minimum. It will include citations and references in APA format. The essay’s content  should cover Three points: 1) What is Ethics? 2) What is the difference between Value, Ethics, Morals?  3)What are the ethical decisions you find in your own life? This essay is scholarly as well […]

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HW Philosophy Intro to Ethics

Hello,  Philosophy Intro to Ethics  HW I need one page of writing after reading the text I already uploaded in here. Please no copy or plagiarism. Read the details carefully and start writing.   1. Using help (if you wish) from one or more of the philosophers in this text (Hume, Kant, Sidgwick, Westermarck, Sartre, […]

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Philosophy Intro to Ethics

Hello,    Philosophy Intro to Ethics  HW I need one page of writing. After download and read the text I already uploaded the file in here, and read about the subject from out side resources understand it, then start writing about your own idea. Please no copy or plagiarism. Read the details carefully and start […]

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Intro To Music

Compare the stylistic elements of sacred vocal music during the Middle Ages with music during the Renaissance period.

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