Chicano HWK (CH S 111)

By now, you have seen the lectures by Professor Fermin Herrera from last week’s moodle assignment as well as read the excerpt from Bless Me Ultima and read the poems I Am Joaquin and Aztlan.   After we discussed these sources in class, how can you pinpoint the Mexican indigenous influence on Chicana/o artistic expression? […]

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Astronomy Hwk Assignment 6

1. What is a planetary nebula?   2. What would the major impact be on Earth be if the Earth remained in its present orbit and our Sun was 50% more massive than it is now?   3. Under certain circumstances a white dwarf will go nova becoming much brighter for a short period of […]

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Your assignment is to write a short position paper (1 to 2 pages double spaced, or roughly 250-500 words) answering ONE of the following two questions: (1)            How much appropriation do you think is justifiable in creating new works of art which draw on previously existing source material? As case studies, consider Nina Paley’s use […]

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Astronomy hwk Chap.15-17

1. How is 21 cm radiation used by astronomers and what does it tell them?   2. There is an organizational structure to the universe that exists at a level higher than that of the galaxy. Describe this structure?   3. When galaxies merge (collide) do stars actually collide? What are the possible outcomes?   4. How do […]

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Politics in Russia (Late 80s to Present) HWK : 10 1-page Max Answers

This HWK is due on Sunday night at 22:00 pm NYC time .   Each answer must be approx. 1 page long (12 Times New Roman Font) except when asked to answer briefly where only 1 paragraph is needed.   1st question includes my answer to give you a sense of what I am looking for. […]

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