* page paper on the Jewish women during the Holocaust

“Informational” paper Minimum length: 8 pages, excluding bibliography/ sources cited page(s). Most be a workcited page. (MLA Format) Websites that should be used are: Scholarly articles and books accessed online     *Attached is an outline to assist with writing the paper and a few sources

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Holocaust films (Shop on Main Street and Angry Harvest)

Shop on Main Street is based on the discriminatory laws of Slovakia, a nation inhabited by the Nazis during World War II. Tono, the main character, is a thoughtful yet apprehensive carpenter who has just been named the administrator (Aryan controller) of a textile shop belonging to Mrs. Lautmann (Kadár and Klos 21:40-21:57). The new […]

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Week 9 holocaust

Read Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning, Foreword and Preface 1) In a single sentence IN YOUR OWN WORDS (IYOW), describe the main argument of the Foreword and Preface re: the importance of Frankl’s book. 2) Provide THREE specific pieces of evidence provided to support this thesis. Use 2-3 sentences for EACH and feel free […]

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History of Holocaust Critical Thinking Questions

What was the impact of Kristallnacht on the Jewish community? How did the worldwide Depression lead to the growth of the Nazi party in Germany? How did assimilation within the Jewish community impact anti-Semitism? What factors contributed to Hitler’s success within the Nazi party? What was the purpose of reproductive policies in the Nazi state […]

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  Critical Thinking Questions How did changes in the structure and function of concentration camps impact the eventual extermination camps? How did the guards own prejudices impact residents of the camps? What changes occurred as the number of concentration camp prisoners dramatically increased? What did Eicke do and how did he impact the life of […]

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Holocaust paper 2 pages double space

Instructions For this assignment, select one of the following options. Option 1: Poetry Select any 2 poems about the Holocaust. You can select from the following list of poets/poems or conduct additional research on Holocaust poetry. Make sure to get approval from your instructor if you are selecting something not on the list. Click on […]

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