Hidden meanings

Following class discussion, identify three different free-verse poems on the Selected Poems handout.  Then create a list of these three poems.  Under the title of each poem, write one sentence explaining the hidden meaning of the poem.  When finished, submit it to [email protected]  In the subject line, write your full name, P.4 (or P.5 or […]

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Film: Hidden Figures

 Watch Hidden Figures, the movie, then address three of the following questions. using film vocabulary and  referencing the moving scenes

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Essay on Hidden Dangers of ADHD Medications

This essay isNOTa summary of several different elements of ADHD. Rather, it is an analysis of a single trend related to ADHD, including various elements of that single trend. Trend topic**· Hidden Dangers of ADHD Medications Your review should include at least fivescholarly sources outside of class texts. Directions 1.Label or Identify the Subject:Provide the […]

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CST 210 UNC Communications Communicating Ethically Hidden Figures Paper

I’m working on a communications multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. Based on the scenes from Hidden Figures, what type of communication (monologue, technical dialogue, and/or genuine dialogue) is depicted? How does bias impact the type(s) of communi-cation evident in the scene? 2. How do the different types of […]

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