Southern New Hampshire University Publicly Traded US Company Presentation

Directions: Select a publicly traded US company from the list below: Sanofi S.A. Total SE Toyota Motor Corp. Randstad N.V. Comcast Corp. Airbus SE United Parcel Service Inc. Amazon Google Walmart Apple Examine the critical issues that the organization faced and detail the strategies employed to mitigate them. All top managers are not successful. If […]

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Southern New Hampshire University Correcting Bad Hypothesis Discussion

I’m working on a Political Science question and need guidance to help me study. Four statments appear below. For each one: (1) Identify and describe at least one reason why it is a poor hypothesis. (2) rewrite the the statment in proper hypothesis-writing form. Statement One: In a comparison of individuals, some people pay more […]

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Southern New Hampshire University Importance of History Discussion

Watch the Week 6 Cheddar Chat Video and then do the following: For your initial post in the Week 6 Cheddar Chat, think about this week’s Live Lesson and then respond to the following questions: What keywords will you associate with your personal brand on LinkedIn and why? Have you met anyone interesting or gotten […]

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Southern New Hampshire University Industry Changes Discussion

Evaluate three ways in which the mobile industry has changed how news is delivered and consumed by audiences—including yourself. Use the module resources and other reliable sources to support your claims. Overview: Approach these activities as (a) an opportunity to reflect upon and apply what you learn each week based on the assigned readings, discussions, […]

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Southern New Hampshire University Leading on My First Day Discussion

Instructions One of the biggest challenges for new managers is leading on the first day. Nerves are often short, but managers have to be able to overcome those feelings to project an aura of confidence that will encourage others to follow them. This journal assignment is designed to reflect your skills in being able to […]

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