geology lab homework about groundwater

i have a homework for geology lab about the groundwater see the attachment . i don’t need an essay only answers for the questions

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Geology homework

            1. MINERAL RESOURCES: Name 2 energy (mineral) resources and 6 non-energy mineral (3 metallic & 3 non-metallic) resources. What is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources? Explain the difference between a RESERVE and a RESOURCE using the USGS McKelvey Diagram as the basis. What energy resource associated with […]

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Geology Lab

Part A Igneous Rocks Go to the following site: Igneous Rocks After reading the bakcground information, try to identify the 12 samples presented using the template provided. Then write a 1- 2 page summary that includes a description of how igneous rocks are classified and your assessment of how you did in the identification process. […]

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Geology Homework

Need assistance with Geology Homework.  Pretty simple assignment, just need to provide defintions to terms.  Need in the next 6 hours.  

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Special Topics in Geology

Please watch this video and summrize it in one paragraph.     Thanks.

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Physical Geology Homework

Question 1 Refer to Figure 2.4, a map showing the distribution of Earth’s lithospheric plates and their rates of motion in centimeters per year. Study this figure closely to determine the location, distribution, and length of Earth’s three kinds of plate boundaries. Answer question A, pg 57 Question 2 Do you think Earth’s size is […]

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geology volcano research

the volcano i have to do is bear butte Reference each piece of information you provide. As an example: Last ruptured in May of 1965 (McBurnett and Savage, 2017). Refer to the link for further details. You will also need to attach sheets of paper to this one for certain aspects of the homework. When […]

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Create a 12 to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with notes. In your presentation, focus on the physical geology of a specific geographical region (preferably your own locality), and synthesize the concepts learned in this course by relating the fundamentals of geology to the chosen region. Obtain instructor approval for your selected region. Address the following: Select a specific geological […]

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Geology 2

Prepare a response to each of the following questions from the text. Provide an explanation in your responses. Ch. 16: Critical and Creative Thinking Questions 1–5 Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.   1. Oil production in the United States satisfies only half of the country’s needs; the rest is imported. If imports were […]

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Geology, Volcano Research

Pick any two active (erupted within the last 50 years) volcanoes anywhere in the world to research.  Please make sure your two choices are in different parts of the world.  Please do not choose Mt. St. Helens, Kileaua, or Mt. Etna.   The following information must be included in your report for each volcano: Pt […]

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