Exploring Ancient Mysteries

Choose one (1) of the topics below and develop a three to four (3-4) paragraph essay (of at least 250-500 words) which adequately address the topic you have chosen. Topic Choices •There have been many theories regarding how the pyramids at Giza were constructed. Most experts agree that they were constructed as burial monuments for […]

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Sample Essay On Exploring Haitian women’s understanding regarding long-term complications of type 2 diabetes

Background: Diabetes is a significant health concern within the United States as it is the seventh leading cause of death (Liu et al, 2016). The estimated number of the people affected by diabetes is about 30 million with the 90 % to 95% of all diagnosed cases being type 2 diabetes (Shah et al, 2017). […]

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Exploring the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

  Exploring the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art Refer to the assigned reading from the textbook and required videos as examples of how to interpret works of art. Explore The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Galleries. (http://maps.metmuseum.org/)  As you explore, reflect on the following and share your answers within your discussion post: We often envision […]

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University of Wisconsin Climate change Exploring Public Opinion Paper

The Data  To complete this task you will need to use the resources on this website:  https://climatecommunication.yale.edu/visualizations-data/ycom-us/ Links to an external site.  You may want to spend some time playing around with the website before starting the activity. Some things to know about the website. Use the drop down arrow next to “Select Question” to explore some of the topics this group has collected public opinion data on. You will see that the questions are organized into Beliefs, Risk Perceptions, Policy Support, and Behaviors. You can select a state or a county to focus on. To the left you can change the unit of measure from national to states, congressional districts, metro areas, and counties. The default is set to counties. This setting makes it easiest to see estimations across the nation. To the right of the US map, you will see a legend for making sense of the different colors. Starting with blue and moving to red, the changes in color depict an increase or decrease in percentage points. Set the question to “Global warming is happening” and hover your mouse over Dane CO., WI. It appears a red at 80% agreement with the statement. If 0% agreed with the statement it would appear as darkest blue. Below the map are the estimates for each question boiled down into “Yes” or “No” responses. These represent national averages. For example, under “Beliefs” you can see that 72% of Americans believe global warming is happening and 14% don’t believe it is happening. You can see these average depicted in this form for each question in the drop down menu.  It will take some time to become familiar with this resource, this is why you are only asked to complete this activity (along with the reading) for our first Lesson Plan. You will not be able to complete this activity correctly if you try to whip through it without taking the time to get familiar with the site. Once you become acquainted with the site, you are ready to work on the activity.  Prompt  The first thing to know about this activity is it requires you to be creative. You are asked to imagine you belong to an organization of activists and experts working to address the social problem of climate change and then prepare a sort of “rebranding” for your organization’s outreach efforts. There are many, many ‘right” ways to go about this and, as long as you are being creative, thoughtful, and following instructions, there are very few “wrong” ways to go about this activity.  The Situation… You work at End Climate Change NOW! and you have recently been assigned to a taskforce whose goal it is to increase public engagement on the issue of global warming and bring about policies that will address climate change. In recent years, you’ve had a hard time gaining support from the public and policymakers. You have been tasked with the job of sifting through public opinion data related to the climate crisis so you can provide valuable information to your organization’s public relations and policy team. Since public engagement has been decreasing lately (in this alternate universe!), you need to identify areas of concern or interest that your organization can use to increase public support for the cause (i.e., attract volunteers, rally voters/organizers, convince people to make donations, etc.) and demonstrate support for action to policy makers.  First, look through some of the data on the Yale Climate Opinion Map and ask yourselves these questions (you will probably want to take notes on information that stands out to you!): what do people think/believe about global warming? what are their fears? who are they worried about (i.e., what are their risk perceptions)? what do they seem to value? what do they think needs to be done and how does that relate to other patterns we’re seeing in the data? Create a “rebranding plan” for the public relations and policy teams. This plan will help your organization achieve its goal of educating the public and garnering support for policies to end global warming. Your plan should:  Incorporate data from the PEW article Have a title that communicates your ideas about what the public relations team should do to increase support for environmental efforts Outline what you think are the most important things for your public relations team to know (in regard to public opinion and as it relates to your plan!) Propose a way to increase support for climate-related efforts in areas where support is low.  Offer guidance to the policy team on what the public would support or oppose in relation to your plan.  do not just point to the survey question and say “the public wants climate change taught in schools!.” Look at multiple data points: identify relevant patterns and be mindful of the Behaviors, Risk Perceptions, and Beliefs. Combine your observations to suggest creative solutions to the problem of decreasing engagement with the climate change movement!  Remember, it is your goal to draw in public support and support from policymakers. The harmful condition needs a reframing. Use the public opinion to propose a reframing of the issue of global warming! 

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Exploring Indicators of Health Status

In this assignment, you will explore the two indicators of health status—morbidity and mortality—to understand how data is collected and presented to draw conclusions and make inferences.   Morbidity   Go to Alaska’s health department’s website and locate health status reports for smoking. Locate charts and tables relating to cancer-related deaths. Review the data and […]

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Exploring Our Solar System

Pick two planets from our solar system. Compare and contrast the two planets in terms of composition, location, environment, and potential to harbor life.   Original work with cites and references. No “PLAGIARISM” will be checked by 3 sources.

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Exploring your Program

  Instructions In choosing a major, ability counts as much as interest. In addition to considering what you enjoy, think about times and places when you excelled… Let your choice of a major reflect a discovery of your passions and potentials.  List your core values, such as contributing to society, achieving financial security and professional recognition, enjoying good health, or making time for fun.  […]

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exploring t test

this discussion, we will investigate confidence intervals and t tests for continuous data. To do this, we will revisit the TAA data that you studied in the Week Three assignment. You may recall from the Week Three assignment that you have available data on 12 tumor-associated antigens (TAAs), from 90 normal individuals (controls) and 160 […]

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“Exploring Our Solar System and Sun”

   Access the interactive titled “What’s Your Favorite Planet?” under  the “Outer Planets” terms section of the Science Corner. You can also  view the interactive at http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/space/favorite-planet.html.  Identify your favorite planet, Next, use the Internet  to research articles regarding research and mission(s) that the  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has made on the  planet […]

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Exploring a Portfolio Topic; Developing a Working Thesis (Local/State)

  Exploring a Portfolio Topic; Developing a Working Thesis (Local/State) In Module 1, you were asked to review the assignment instruction for the Module 8 Portfolio Project. The Portfolio assignment requires that you select a local or state social issue to explore causes and possible solutions.  As an academic writer, it is vital you form […]

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