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Community Sustainability Proposal- DUE WEDNESDAY, 9/6/17 7PM EST

Local government leaders have asked you to provide information and recommendations for increasing sustainability in the community.   Perform an initial search to learn about green initiatives for a city in your area.     Create a 5- to 8-slide PowerPoint® presentation  to your local government. Include the following: A summary of green initiatives for a city in your area (Prince […]

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HEALTH SCIENCE COURSE 350 Continuous Quality Improvement: Take Test: Quiz 2 DUE NOVEMBER 18, 2018 @ 11:59 PM EST

PLEASE ANSWER EACH OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS IN A WELL-WRITTEN OPEN ENDED RESPONSE. CITE REFERENCES IF USED (APA FORMAT) 1. Provide examples of clinical outcome measures.  Why are these measures important for improving clinical care?  What are the important features of effective outcome measures?  2. Customer satisfaction measures have become much more important to healthcare […]

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Discussion question Need by 11pm EST

A. This week we are focused on learning how to think critically and logically.  Based on your experiences in life so far, what do you think are some common barriers that make it hard for people to think critically and logically? B. Here is a quote from the 19th century English philosopher John Stuart Mill: In […]

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Critical Analysis Worksheet Due today at Midnight EST!!!

Critical Analysis Worksheet Due Today 11:59 PM Not Submitted POINTS 2  Practice/Simulation/Homework/Game 1 Objectives:       Instructions Assignment Files Grading     Read “Common Core” and “The Battle Against Common Core Standards.”   Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Critical Analysis Worksheet. Materials Critical Thinking, Ch. 1 Critical Thinking, Ch. 2 Critical Thinking, Ch. 3 Sell, M. (2013). […]

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Lab Report Need in 5 hours from now! 10 pm EST TIME

Please see attachment named SP2021_Blackworm…. for instruction. Please see other attachment for information.  The lab report should be 4 pages long.

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Please Read All Directions Carefully! Due 8/1/2016 @ 5:00 PM EST!!!

Please include each question with the answer. Discussion 1: When can transition planning begin for students with special needs? How do transition services for students with learning disabilities differ from those with intellectual or severe disabilities? Minimum of 150 words with in-text citation(s) and reference(s). Discussion 2: What is reading comprehension? What strategies do you […]

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Can someone complete in 3 hrs.? 10:00 PM EST

  There are four reasons for using non-standard units instead of standard units in instructional activities. Which reason is most important to you?  Defend your response.    1.      Nonstandard units make it easier to focus directly on the attribute being measured. For example, when dis-cussing how to measure the area of an irregular […]

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Please Read All Directions & Instructions Carefully. Due 6/24/2016 @ 5:00 pm EST!!

  Interview a minimum of two teachers and/or staff of an educational program for students with multiple disabilities. Discuss the following:   1.Define the disability   2.Needs of the students   3.Characteristics of the special need students   4.Medical implications   5.Educational implications   6.Concerns in the classroom   7.Teachers’ responsibilities   8.Classroom description, teacher […]

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Please Read All Instructions Carefully!! Due July 19, 2016 @ 5:00 PM EST!!!!

  What are the features of No Child Left Behind that significantly affect students with LD?   Students very understandably confuse NCLB, IDEA, the ADA, and other ‘laws’ that have been enacted regarding education. Please make sure you are referring to what you understand, checking your understanding with non-judgmental/non-political sources, and really think about the […]

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