The history and epidemiology of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

 Write a paragraph summary about the history and epidemiology of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Include the origin, spread, introduction into the United States and its current state in our society.     Discussion posts must be a minimum of 250 words in length, not including citations Use at least 1 citation from the peer-reviewed literature other than the textbooks […]

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Epidemic, Endemic, and Pandemic Occurrence of Disease(s)

One aspect of epidemiology is the study of the epidemic, endemic, and pandemic occurrence of disease(s). Some critics may argue diseases and conditions such as bird flu are endemic in many countries, and some may argue human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or AIDS is a series of epidemics. Using the South University Online Library or the […]

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Opioid Epidemic Problem Definition

Problem Definition Should Include 1. Essential Aspects of the Problem 2. Descriptive statistics with trends over time that show increases or decreases in the severity of the problem 3. Reasons why this is a problem that should be addressed by describing its consequences and the values involved. Is it a market failure, a government failure […]

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The Obesity Epidemic Assignment

TO DO: Part 1: Answer 8 questions from the given diagram. Part 2: Write a minimum 350 word paragraph from the given topic. The instructions are posted in the attached file. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY.

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