Elaborate on why was the American city not capable of doing a better job of providing adequate housing for the poor.

Textbook:  America: A Concise History,  Volume 2, 6th edition   School: AMU   Writing Style: Chicago Manual of Style Formatting   Week 2 Forum – The American West and Age of Enterprise and Industrialism, Politics, and Progressivism at the turn of the Twenty-First CenturyView Full Description Hide Full Description For this Forum, answer one of […]

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You will now pretend to be Michelangelo and compose a discussion board thread that mimics a first-person journal entry.  Your thread/journal entry will elaborate on your (Michelangelo’s) artistic process (carving) and your thoughts regarding the symbolism

You learned about the sculptural process of subtractive carving from stone.  We considered Michelangelo’s Awakening Slave as an artistic illustration of the physical act of carving.  We also briefly touched upon how Awakening Slave possibly represents the act of creation—maybe even god-like creation—in that Michelangelo was able to seemingly turn stone into flesh. You will […]

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