After watching the documentary essay please follow the below provide instructions to write a one page essay in APA format.

Art can be appreciated in a variety of ways. This concept is better understood after learning about one these ways, how the depiction of the human form has changed thought out history. First, you may ask, can the human form be fine art? The answer is yes. It may not have started out as a type of fine art […]

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Thinking of documentary

This homework about art hisstory, need one page   Watch the documentary “Cave of forgotten dreams” on Netflix or Youtube, and take notes while watching (it is c. 1:30 hours). If the site below stops working, just google the name of the movie + watch for free + full documentary in Youtube.   After watching […]

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Essay with documentary

Hi! I need to watch a documentary (45 min ) and answer 5 questions in a 2-3 page paper   Write an essay responding to the questions listed below. All the information is on the Anatomy of the Iranian Revolution’s  documentary. No need to do any external research. Use scenes from the  documentary to illustrate […]

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Documentary Film Review (bell hooks’ Cutural Criticism and Transformation)

In 350-400 words share whether or not you believe the assigned documentary film text (bell hooks’ Cutural Criticism and Transformation) has the potential to transform one’s political sensibilities. And, if you believe that your personal political sensibilities have been (re)shaped or transformed by a particular film and/or style of film, say so. The objective here is to share […]

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Documentary Film Review

In this class we have identified as one of our objectives the ability to fully engage, in critical ways, popular culture and its influence upon our political selves, our political sensibilities.  With our focus on “deep differences” we find ourselves examining both documentary and feature-length film texts.   In 300-500 words share whether or not […]

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Reflective Paper on “The Story of English” documentary film

link for the video:   write detailed summary of the film,4 pages , 12 point font and one inch margin.   Please look at the additional documents that I have uploaded. only do “the story of english”

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Answer the Questions about the documentary fog of war

   Dear Students, As we discussed in class, your final writing assignment will be based on the documentary, The Fog of War , which we started yesterday in class. You will need to answer the following questions with examples from the film. (!!!) 1) What are the 11 lessons of warfare / life ?  2) How would you describe Robert Mcnamara and his approach to warfare?  […]

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