health care policy week 8 dis 1

  What are you passionate about in your personal and professional life? Explain. Discussion cannot be more than (300) words.

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Dis 7 Mod 14 506

Discuss in detail the process that researchers go through once they are aware of a problem by finding a problem that you feel would be important to improve the health outcomes of the population of the Kingdom. Identify the important variables that you want to study for this research.  Requirements: Be sure to support your […]

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Epidemiology and public health week 4 dis 1

 post a

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BW History Dis 1

   While the recorded histories show that both Spain and England mistreated the Natives of the Americas and Africans brought to the New World, their colonies were not the same. These nations established laws and policies to either include or exclude Natives and Africans. The book claims that the Spanish Empire in the Americas became a […]

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dis: technology

COLLAPSE   Learning Resources   Required Resources Readings U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (n.d.). Reassessing your security practices in a health IT environment: A guide for small health care practices. [Part of the Health IT Privacy and Security Toolkit.] The Health IT Privacy and Security Toolkit was developed by the Department of Health and […]

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Discuss the the tradition of history from Greek to Vico ( strength, weakness es, histories and historians) you have to dis what historians were present during each what was their approach to history what sources they used what did the periods contribute

you have  to write 600 words   do not ask more than 8$   send it today night   be simple and easy( use own words )   follow the directions  carefully if you miss any thing you have to rewrite it 

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CCIS Dis 15

 Compare and contrast the Muslim narrative of the life of Muhammad with the stories of the lives of Jesus (see Chapter 11), and Siddhartha Gautama (see Chapter 4). What significant similarities and differences do you note? Then, compare and contrast Muslim beliefs about Muhammad with Christian beliefs about Jesus, and Buddhist beliefs about Siddhartha Gautama. 

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His w7 dis res

1. One goal of both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. during the Cold War was to continue adding unaligned nations into their sphere of political and military influence–could you say more about the importance to each side in pursuing this goal, given the context of the Cold War? Of what value were these nations to […]

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His w8 dis

******ATTENTION….Please read before you bid***** Bid is final****If you accept the bid you are agreeing to the bidding price***Price is FINAL!!!!!!!! Consider a few terrorist activities since the 1980s until today. Here is a starting point: 1983: United States Embassy in Beirut and Kuwait is bombed 1988: Osama bin Laden re-organizes Al Qaeda in Pakistan […]

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Mod 8 Dis

Present you opinion as to whether such a large-scale reduction in global human population numbers (as described in Chapter 66 pages 658-660) can be a controlled process or some large-scale catastrophe. Discuss you opinion using references (text book and/or other sources) to back you position.                           

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