Islamic Web Tutorial for dickson only

read this info first then answer some quesstions.  Our study of Islam will continue with two more tutorial chapters from The Islamic World to 1600. Follow the links and read through all of the material on The Mongol Invasions, and  Rise of the Great Islamic Empires.   As you read the last chapter about the Ottoman empires, understand that […]

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Moscow’s Roman Catholic Heritage dickson ONLY

Title: Moscow’s Roman Catholic Heritage In this SAS Curriculum Pathways Web Inquiry you will be provided links to primary sources that you will examine to help you answer the focus question: Does Moscow deserve to be called the “Third Rome”?    Follow this link to Web Inquiry 182. If prompted, enter melody9off in the Student User Name then click […]

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Weight Training Program for dickson only

Your task is to design your own weightlifting program using all the information and resources that are provided in this chapter for you. By following all the steps you will design a program that is especially designed for you. Also you will learn how to set appropriate goals for your self. This webquest will set […]

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water safety tips for dickson only

Water Safety Tips   General Water Safety Rules Learn To Swim Never Swim Alone Swim Only in Safe Areas, Never Swim in a Ditch or River Never Chew Gum or Eat While Swimming Supervise Children and Weak Swimmers at All Times Always Wear a Personal Flotation Device/Life Jacket When Boating or Near Moving Water RESPECT […]

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Alternative Healthcare Options for dickson only

READ THESE AND THEN ANSWER THE QUESTIONS.   An Overview of the World’s Healing Systems  To understand the concept of Planetary Herbology, let’s first examine each school and its herbal system. We will then discuss their similarities and differences, using specific herbs as examples.  In Western herbology, herbs are classified according to their therapeutic properties. […]

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draw your own bohr model for dickson only

Atomic models are useful because they allow us to picture what is inside of an atom, something we will never be able to actually see. We’re going to talk about two models, the Bohr model and the Quantum model. While we know that the Quantum model is the correct way to represent atoms, the Bohr […]

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