Digital Clinical Experience: Focused Exam: Cough

PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AS INDICATED BELOW: 1). ZERO (0) PLAGIARISM 2). AT LEAST 5 REFERENCES, NO MORE THAN 5 YEARS (WITHIN 5YRS, OR LESS THAN 5YRS) 3).  PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHMENT FOR RUBRIC DETAILS. In this DCE Assignment, you will conduct a focused exam related to cough in your DCE using the simulation tool, […]

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Shadow Health: Focused Exam: Cough Results

  Within the Shadow Health platform, complete the Focused Exam: Cough Results. The estimated average time to complete this assignment each time is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Please note, this is an average time. Some students may need longer.  This clinical experience is a focused exam. Students must score at the level of “Proficiency” in the […]

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69 year old man with raspy cough

  M.C. is a 69-year-old man who presents to the outpatient office with a hacking, raspy cough. Subjective Data PMH: HTN, DM Cough is productive, bringing up green phlegm Runny nose, sore throat Denies fever Sore throat pain when swallowing No history of smoking or seasonal allergies Complains of fatigue Objective Data Vital signs: T […]

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Focused Exam: Cough Assignment

Review this week’s Learning Resources and consider the insights they provide related to ears, nose, and throat. Review the Shadow Health Resources provided in this week’s Learning Resources specifically the tutorial to guide you through the documentation and interpretation within the Shadow Health platform. Review the examples also provided. Review the DCE (Shadow Health) Documentation […]

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