Imperialism, Colonialism, and the Industrial Revolution

  Resources African Policy Information Center. (1997, November). Talking about “tribe”: Moving from stereotypes to analysis. Background Paper 010, 1-8. Retrieved from This article discusses the issues with using the word “tribe” when discussing African civilizations and societies. Asia for Educators. (n.d.). Excerpts from the treaty of Nanjing, August 1842. Retrieved from This article provides excerpts […]

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Sample Essay On Colonialism and causes of poverty in the world today

Africa is arguably one of the continents with high poverty rates. Other continents with high poverty rates include Asia and Latin America. Nearly all the countries in Africa were former colonies of industrial nations. Existing literature has demonstrated that there is a close relationship between colonialism and poverty (Worboys, 2017; Khumalo, 2013). Western countries that […]

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discuss the major characteristics of colonialism and its impact on the colonized territory.

HST 103   Based on your reading of Amin’s African Immersion, answer the following questions. The response to each question should be 4- 5pages, typed, double-spaced, and arguments substantiated with significant evidence from book. You must use specific evidence/examples in each response.  Question 1: Focus on pages 1- 130 (paper due on October 24)   Based on your understanding of […]

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critique paper- post colonial colonialism

How to write a critique paper: 1. identification of the research question 2. summarization of the important points of the argument being made 3. discussion of alternative explanations as they relate to the argument being made (this is where your critical thinking should be reflected)

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In what ways does the speaker in Kipling’s poem affirm or refute the concepts of “colonialism” and “imperialism”? Who is…

In what ways does the speaker in Kipling’s poem affirm or refute the concepts of “colonialism” and “imperialism”? Who is his audience?

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Colonialism discussion. 100-200 words

 During the time when India was part of the British empire, many paintings and other works of Indian art were collected by Westerners. The current location of those artworks, as you will have noticed, is now in the West: the British Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Smithsonian, among others. Should these works be […]

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 What is meant by the term “juridical medicalized colonialism?” NB, that the discussion will close on the last day of classes which may give you less than the usual length of time to submit your discussion post. 

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