art class

Discussion Assignment   Due Wednesday November 2, 2016  (5 Points)   Post your answers to the questions below in the Discussion Board. NOTE: Be certain to be comprehensive in your responses in order to receive full credit. One or two sentence responses are NOT acceptable. Be prepared to reflect your personal perspectives of this performance in […]

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Critical thinking class hw5

Fundamentals of Fallacy Contest   Logical Fallacies are tricks used to persuade the untrained person to believing something that is not true, or maybe to make a weak argument seem stronger than it is. Once you have learned these you’ll see them everywhere, in politics, advertising, even in classrooms. These techniques are taught to rhetoricians […]

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Can you help me writing a 10 pages essay for my business ethics class?

  Write a seven to ten page double-spaced essay addressing the case below. Please do not exceed ten pages. Please DO NOT rewrite the questions or the facts of the case in your answer. Just answer the question. Also please do not hand in notes. This assignment requires a written essay. As you answer the […]

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film class week 7

1.      Compare and contrast the “revolutionary” cinemas of Cuba and Argentina.   2.      What factors influenced the development of militant black African cinema in the 1960s and 1970s?   3.      How did eastern European filmmakers react to the conditions imposed by Socialist Realist doctrine—that is, to the idea that Soviet bloc artists were obliged to […]

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I want someone to do my assignment of my History class.

Read carefully the two documents in the section “Ideologies of the Axis Powers” at the end of Chapter 20. Write a 700-900 word essay addressing the following questions:  To what extent were the ideas in these documents new and revolutionary?  In what respects did they draw upon long-standing traditions in their societies?  What aspects of […]

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PLESAE READ BEFORE YOU OFFER Eng215 research and writing class assignment total is 6 pages but first three pages revision of previous assignment

********  I ll give all the information you ll need and i ll be online while you are doing the assignment. It is little complicated but we can do i ll be here to explain everything. I ll atach the previous assigment as doc below. ******   Click the link above to submit your assignment. […]

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political science class hw

PS 202 – Short-answer Extra Credit Assignment TOTAL points15    1. Define and explain the relationship in power between interest groups and political parties.    2. Identify the different types of interest groups. Which interest groups are most powerful in Oregon?    3. What are the roles of interest groups and different tactics used by […]

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class 8 respond

Most studies report the cause of Los Angeles riots of 1992 as a result of racial tension between the African-American community and the whites. The riots resulted in almost $1 billion in property damage, nearly half of it was property owned by Korea Americans. The media, especially Los Angeles Times, played a major role in […]

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religion class.

The final argumentative essay requires that each student follow the guidelines and select one option listed below. The argumentative essay will engage at least one serious theory we have discussed in this class, state the student’s response to this theory, and provide an argument that justifies the student’s response. The final version should be 1200 […]

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class discussion 3/1

Please use the attached reading material to complete work. Remember to include an open-ended follow-up question with each response. This is a required part of substantive participation that encourages further discussion. When you post responses to your peers the response needs to be “substantive” to receive credit. Substantive posting criteria includes: Acknowledge what your peer […]

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