Change Article to Chicago Style

Hello there. I have an article that needs to be changed to Chicago Style. I upload the article in files. I hope that people who know how use Chicago Style, can help me to modify it. Thank you.

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Competing Viewpoints Paper (chicago format)

As historians, we are constantly engaged in an ongoing intellectual conversation stretching back generations. The purpose of this assignment is for you to enter this conversation by reading, analyzing, and critiquing the arguments presented by historians with differing positions on an important topic or theme. Each chapter in Major Problems in the Early Repubilc contains […]

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“Armed Defense and the New Negro in the 1919 Chicago Race Riot”

  Directions:  Students will complete the assigned reading and then answer the essay prompt below.  Students must respond to two (2) of their classmates posts to receive full credit.  Responses should appear no sooner than 12 hours after the initial post.  Posts and responses are due by 11:59 p.m. on the due date.   Posts […]

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Writing Assignment : French Revolution / DAVID AND THE DEATH OF MARIT// CHICAGO STYLE!!! DUE APRIL 2ND AT 11:59!

 Write a 400-600 word report using Chicago style. Give some background on David and the Death of Marit and explain the importance or contribution to the French Revolution.  Double-spaced using 12 point, Times New Roman font. I NEED FOOTNOTES AND A BIBLOGRAPHY AS WELL. SOURES David and The Death of Marat (article) | Khan Academy […]

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History of Chicago

1.   What is Progressivism?  (Give 2 examples of Progressive thought in the early 1900s) What is the difference between “civic reform,” “political reform” and “moral  reform?”  What was meant by the term “environmentalism” in the early 20th century?? Who was Jane Addams?  What was her contribution to Chicago History? Please detail 2 interesting things about […]

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Lesson 3 Historical Challenge: Chicago Race Riots of 1919

  Lesson 3 Historical Challenge: Chicago Race Riots of 1919   Lesson 3 Historical Challenge Chicago Race Riots 1919 For this Historical Challenge you’re going to look more closely at the Chicago Race Riots of 1919 which occurred two-years after the end of World War I.   INTRODUCTION Starting in the early 20th century, African […]

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