The bully, the bystander and the victim.   There are 3 parts of a bully situation. Look at the latest research surrounding all the parts, what is the motivation behind the bully, bystander and victim and what can be done to help all 3. After doing research you can include your own personal experiences with […]

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Topic: What effect does bullying have on children?

Topic: What effect does bullying have on children? Sub Topics: Physical issues, emotional issues, social issues Thesis: Bullying can have an impact on children which can cause physical, social, and emotional issues.

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Write a position paper against Cyber Bullying

Each student will research (must include at least three reliable sources from reputable journals, magazines, newspapers, etc.) a recent case involving controversial/ethical issues (Cyber Bullying) and write a paper (4 full pages, 12-point font, double-spaced;1000 words minimum), which identifies, analyzes and evaluates ethical issues, and recommends a course of action for ethical decision-making, which incorporates […]

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