Short Paper on Brown Vs Board of Education

In this short paper, you will explain the role of the judiciary in effecting a change in public policy. This short paper will examine a case study about Brown v. Board of Education, which was a Supreme Court case from 1952 to 1954 that addressed racial segregation in U.S. public schools. 

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Yale Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale

   This week, as you explore assessment and diagnosis in psychotherapy, you examine assessment tools, including their psychometric properties and appropriate use. You also develop diagnoses for clients receiving psychotherapy and consider legal and ethical implications of counseling these clients. Below you will find your assigned assessment tool for this week’s discussion. Yale Brown Obsessive […]

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Sanford Brown College Political Science and Human Security Discussion

Some political thinkers and scholars have stated that people must have security in their daily lives. Without security, the world cannot be at peace. Your post should address the lessons that we have learned throughout this course, as well as your own individual perspective. Do you think human beings have security in our lives? Why […]

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  Junot Diaz, “How to Date a Brown Girl, White Girl, or Halfie”

When you begin to think about the essays you will write in this course, it will not be enough to summarize the work. You will need to think critically about the writing and this reading strategy will help you move beyond a summary. Each response should be a minimum of 250 words. Each response writing […]

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Sanford Brown CollegeCultural Integration Discussion

I’m working on a political science question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. Cultural Integration Based on the assigned readings, share your thoughts about new China and developing India in the global community. In 1full  pages, described the developments in China and India; discuss how those developments impact the global community; […]

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Sanford Brown Communications Paper

analyzed the sensory and perceptual responses of viewers when they see media images.  Throughout this course, we have thoroughly examined the effects visuals have on viewers. We have analyzed the sensory and perceptual responses of viewers when they see media images. In a 1-2-page APA formatted paper with an additional reference page (template here), address […]

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