Complete The Persuasive Essay: Brainstorming Worksheet.

Topic Abortion  For Abortion you would write about abortion this form following the worksheet.  1)  Free Writing – Brainstorm 1 2)  Breaking Down a Topic – Brainstorm 2 3)  Three Perspectives – Brainstorm 3

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Orange Coast College Brainstorming Discussion

Brainstorming Techniques Read the above article on brainstorming techniques for generating better ideas.   Share with the class four (4) techniques that you found interesting and why you chose them (25 points).   Make sure to proofread (5 points) and make sure to have four different paragraphs (5 points) 

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SPEECH 142 Brainstorming Your Way to a Great Topic

It is time to brainstorm! Using the techniques you have learned for brainstorming, choose four different current event topics that you might want to cover in your presentation, the informative speech delivered in week 6. For each topic, list the general purpose statement, a specific purpose statement, the central idea, and a few potential points. Include a paragraph or two describing your thoughts on the usefulness of brainstorming and the ways you can improve its use in the future.  HERE IS AN EXAPMLE Abstract Incorporating this week’s lesson on brainstorming techniques I have chosen four different topics based on a future informative speech. I have included the topic, general purpose statement, specific purpose statement and a few potential key points. I have concluded this assignment with a brief paragraph explaining the usefulness brainstorming provides when organizing potential speech topics.  Keywords: brainstorming, informative speech, topic, general purpose, specific purpose  Brainstorming Your Way to a Great Topic  Topic: ICE Detention Centers  General Purpose Statement: To inform  Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience on the living conditions inside ICE migrant detention centers  Central Idea: Reports of migrant detention centers are surfacing regarding living conditions, highlighting violations against fundamental human rights, access to legal services, and unsanitary overcrowding.  Potential Points:  – Explain what ICE stands for  – Explain why detention centers have been formed across the country  – Inform my audience on the horrid conditions found in these detention centers  – Inform my audience on the lack of health and legal services provided for its detainees  Topic: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)  General Purpose Statement: To inform  Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about the benefits of the DACA program on undocumented youth  Central Idea: The DACA program was formed to assist udocumented youth offering aid in a variety of ways proving success in areas such as work authorization, deportation protection, and attaining higher education.  Potential Points:  3  – Explain what the DACA program is and who their recipients are – Provide success stories and statistics of the benefits the  DACA program provides for its recipients  – Inform my audience that The DACA initiative also benefits the economy  and other aspects of our current society  Concluding Paragraph There are many things going on in the world right now and often at times it feels hard trying to organize and keep up with the everchanging information. Thankfully through the use of brainstorming I was able to cluster my personal inventory narrowing down four specific topics. The brainstorming techniques I have learned from “The Art of Public Speaking” has allowed me to choose topics that I found were considerably important to me. As stated in “The Art of Public Speaking”, “when the general purpose is to inform, you act as a teacher or lecturer.” As the role of an educator in an informative speech it is imperative to me to pass on any knowledge I have learned to my audience “clearly, accurately, and interestingly.” In the future I would like to sharpen my internet searching skills by accessing the west coast university library, it’s database holds a variety of credible journals and excerpts that I could potentially use as sources within my speech.  And the reference page  

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Research Paper and Brainstorming Activities

  Instructions Sometime in your academic or professional career, you will be required to write a research paper that uses the thoughts and labor of others. These research papers must be properly formatted and adequately documented. In this exam, you will work through the drafting activities to write a research paper that adheres to MLA guidelines. In […]

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this is just brainstorming assignment in a story you make up,

4.1.11 Study: Explore Essay Writing: Narrative Writing t  (S2313247)     Date: ____________   This study sheet will help you write a rough draft of the writing assignment that you will revise later on. Answer the following questions as you work through your study to build a strong and successful story. Your Assignment: In this activity, you’ll […]

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