Nutrition Blog

  Globesity and Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Watch the video about Globesity and Healthy Ways to Lose Weight. After watching the video, answer the three critical thinking questions listed below. We will use this space to build, as a group our own body of knowledge to several topics covered in the course. There is […]

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Blog Contribution—at least 350 words

   Required Textbook:  Shaw & Lee. Women’s Voices, Feminist Visions: Classic and Contemporary Readings 6th edition.    ™ Part One: Students should post 2 short excerpts on our class blog throughout the semester using the short pieces at the end of each chapter.  ™Blog posts should be a minimum of 350 words and maximum of […]

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Infectious Disease Blog Post

Choose an infectious disease that is currently a human health risk.   Research your topic using online sources such as the NIH, CDC, and WHO. Write a 350- to 525-word blog entry on the disease.  You are getting the word out to your chosen audience.  Answer the following questions: Describe the cause and symptoms of the […]

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BSCOM 384 University of Phoenix Blog Communications Discussion

This assignment allows you the opportunity to evaluate the use of and reach by companies of new technologies, such as a blog to directly interact and communicate with consumers. Visit the websites of three of the following companies: Kimberly-Clark, Disney, BMW, Chrysler, Colgate-Palmolive, Toys R Us, Costco, or Universal Studios, or three companies of your choice. Select one of the websites for this assignment. Write an 800-word blog entry about the selected website in which you answer the following questions: What are the general advantages and disadvantages of using Internet-based marketing communications? Which general factors are essential for a website to be effective in terms of marketing communications practices and strategies? Which of these factors does the selected company use? How does it use them? Does it use them effectively? How does the website promote two-way communication between the company and the customer? How does the website gather information on the customer? How might interactions on the website between the consumer and the company be improved? Reference the Writing a Blog document to understand how to create a blog entry. Imagine what readers of your blog entry might say about your original entries. Write three responses to the blog entry as though you were three different readers commenting on it. Resources Center for Writing Excellence Reference and Citation Generator Grammar Assistance

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Blog 1

The idea of a ‘Blog’ in this class is to make a striking claim to challenge common assumptions about religion. Think creatively along these lines: 1) What is a common assumption your friends have of religion based on the topic; and 2) respond to that common assumption with what you have learned in the course […]

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post blog F

Do you still approach writing assignments the same way? Yes I do   Do you have more confidence in your skills as a writer? In other words, regarding writing: what have you learned (or not learned) in this course?  Yes I have more confident, I also learn that i should do my assignments on time […]

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Communicating in the Workplace Blog Entry

Write a 850- to 1,050-word blog entry. Imagine the blog is directed to an audience of business colleagues and peers in your industry. Include the following in your blog entry: A discussion of a time where you were a victim of information overload during a business presentation and how the presenter could have restructured the presentation to […]

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Writting a Blog

Take a look at the prompt I want the draft to look as professional as the sample i will attach below the prompt. It is Due 4-5 hours. If you are the right person for the job please get in touch with me

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Hist Blog

  For this week’s blog assignment, please answer the following questions in at least 350 words minimum: 1) According to the “California Native Perspectives” video, how does the way California Missions are typically taught differ from California Native perspectives? What solution is provided? Please provide specific quotes and examples from the video to support your […]

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Business of media blog post

write 5 different blog posts of 300 words each of every blog post related to tv/ film related to 5 different news, like baterman vs superman bad numbers, etc/ 5 different

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