BEHS Parenting paper

Note: The cover sheet and references do not count toward the content page requirement. The underlying issue that was choosen in the Lot of Life is ( Your 2-year-old has not begun speaking yet) this is what the paper is suppose to be about. I have attached the scenerio.  Prepare a (4-5 full pages of […]

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BEHS discussion

Discuss the intersection of biology, psychology, family, and culture.  Where could we potentially have the most impact in terms of changing folks’ behavior?  And what are some of the impediments to people wanting to change and/or accept help?   Needs to be 400+ words

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BEHS discussion- domestic abuse

This needs to be lengthy.   According to the American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force on Family Violence, “The greatest risk for serious injury or death from violence is at the point of separation or at the time when the decision to separate is made.” (APA Presidential Task Force on Family Violence, 1996, p. 39). […]

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BEHS 364 SEC 6380 SEM 2158 Final Examination

  The final examination format is take-home and open book/resources and will cover all material presented in the class in order to determine how well you have grasped key concepts. The final will be posted in the classroom at midnight on the first day of the last week of the term. Your completed final should […]

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