Chapter 10: Cultural Competence: Awareness, Sensitivity, and Respect

Think for a while about cultural practices and how they affect health or illness in your own family. They may be difficult to identify as such at first, but they do exist. What ideas about illness prevention does your family adhere to? What do you do when someone gets sick? What rituals does your family […]

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Module 11 Discussion – Community Awareness Project for Seniors

Your assigned textbook reading this module included two sections in the appendix that included lists of “Organizations” and “Aging Associations and Societies”. You must now choose one organization, association, or society from the lists provided in your assigned readings; You may not deviate from those lists without the express permission of your faculty. Investigate what […]

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perceptual awareness of music

Listening to music is something everyone does. Some people listen to music constantly, while others listen to it situationally, such as when driving, studying, exercising, or relaxing. Different playlists can be made for these different tasks. But how carefully and deeply does the listening experience go? This assignment requires you to delve deeper into one […]

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CST 110 UMUC Awareness Test Paper

I’m working on a communications question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. Test Your Awareness : Whodunnit? – YouTube Please watch the following video ONLY twice but pause it promptly at 53 seconds each time. After you are finished watching it up to the 53 second mark the second time…then you […]

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