ATI Proctor maternal newborn nursing

A nurse is caring for a client who is in active labor and has gonorrhea for which of the following patient complication of gonorrhea  should the nurse monitor. 

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Obstetrics nursing -Maternal Newborn ATI- Remediation

There are 3 topics -attached are the PDFs that need to be completed for the following topics.    Accident/Error/Injury Prevention – (1)  Health Promotion of Infants (2 Days to 1 Year): Discharge Teaching About Car Seat Safety for a Newborn (Active Learning Template – Basic Concept, ) System Specific Assessments – (2) Assessment and Management […]

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Maternal Newborn ATI Remediation

   There are 4 topics that require  4 PDFs attachments to be completed.     – Ante/Intra/Postpartum and Newborn Care –  1- Fetal Assessment During Labor: Identifying the Steps of Leopold Maneuvers(Active Learning Template – Nursing Skill, ) 2- Postpartum Disorders: Manifestations of a Vaginal Hematoma(Active Learning Template – Basic Concept, ) 3- Prenatal Care: Evaluating […]

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