Shakespeare Question

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Shakespeare Question

midterm Exam LMC 3228 O

1a. What does male disguise accomplish for Portia (Merchant of Venice), Rosalind (As You Like It), and Viola (Twelfth Night) ? What is the balance of intended and unintended consequences for each disguise?

1b.To what extent does each disguise allow the character to avoid (gender determined) choices?

(Limit 500 words.)

2.”The Lunatic. the lover and the poet / Are of imagination all compact.” So says Theseus in Midsummer Night’s Dream andthis has been seen as a unifying theme for the play.

2a. How can we consider Bottom as a focus for this unifying theme?

2b. Puck. Oberon’s instrument, creates a disorder that will return society to a higher order. How does he drive the action of the play? What is the effect of his being given the epilogue?

(Limit 500 words)