International trade regulation questions

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Both of these questions need to be answered

problem solving questions:

A.A World Trade Organization (WTO) Member ‘X’ held bilateral consultations with another Member ‘Y’ on seasonal apple import restrictions without notifying the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB). These consultations failed to produce a satisfactory result. After two months, ‘X’ requests the DSB to establish a panel. ‘Y’ opposes the request arguing that the consultations were held informally and not under the provision of the Dispute Settlement Understanding (DSU). Should the DSB establish the panel in this case? If yes, why, and if no, why? Write your response considering the process of a panel formation procedure. [limit your answer within 350-700 words]

B.WTO Member Torino believes that WTO Member Brandas has violated WTO law. Torino and Brandas are also signatories to a bilateral international agreement on student exchange. In response, Torino suspends entry visas allocated to students from Brandas. What can Brandas do? Can she bring a WTO dispute against Torino? Give reasons. [limit your answer within 350-700 words]

Answer only one from the following two questions: [15 points] [[limit your answer within 500-1000 words]

2.How and why has Special and Differential Treatment (SDT) become an important issue for developing countries? Discuss both export and import side provisions of SDT in GATT. Discuss the WTO’s Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) provisions regarding the SDT principle. Please expand your answers with relevant cases as well as GATT provisions. [4+6+5= 15 points]

3.What is the relationship between the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement and the pre-existing international conventions that it refers to? Part II of the Agreement sets out the minimum standards of intellectual property protection to be provided by each Member. Briefly discuss the areas of the minimum standards with reference to WTO provisions. [7+8= 15 points]

I have attached the book and some other files to help answer the questions.

the following chapters from the book will help answer the questions:

chapter 5,7,14, 12, 17, 18, and 16