History of United States before 1877 Questions

Discipline: History

Type of Paper: Question-Answer

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

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Hello! I need 150 word minimum answers to the questions below. It does not need to be typed like a report. It can be written with the question first in bold and numbered as below with the answer below each question. I am not certain how many pages it will take so I put 4 but it doesn't matter how many pages. The books that I have that cover the material areA People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn and Out of Many, eighth edition by Faragher. Thank you and I look forward to working with you!
1. How did Cortez defeat the Aztecs?
2.What was the impact of the Spanish invaders on the indigenous natives?
3. What was the relationship between England and Ireland?
4. Compare and contrast Spanish, English and French patterns of colonization.
5. How did the French fur trade operate?
6. Compare and contrast English, French and Spanish policies towards the Natives. What were the Natives responses towards those policies?
7. Compare and contrast the northern colonies with those in the south.
8. Compare and contrast the Puritans and the Pilgrims.
9. What were the conditions like on the Middle Passage?
10. What laws were passed regarding slavery?
11. What was slave life like in North American colonies?
12. How did slavery contribute to the economic development of Great Britain?
13. Describe Spanish and Native relations in the 1700s.
14. What Parts of North America were settled by the Spanish, by the French, and by the English?
15. What conditions created an “American Identity”?
16. Many colonists were reformers before they were revolutionaries. What changes did they think the government of England needed to make?
17. Why did the colonists decide to pursue independence from Great Britain?
18. In what ways did the colonies try to create a united front against Great Britain?
19. How did the colonists win the war for independence?
20. Why were the enlisted men willing to fight?
21. Describe the government that they created.
22. What sort of help did the European nations give the colonies in their struggle for independence?
23. Why did most of the Natives support the English in the war?
24. How did the new government of the United States decide to organize the north western lands?
25. What were some of the consequences of the economic depression following the war?
26. What was the Bill of Rights and why was it passed?
27. What was Hamilton’s fiscal program, and what sort of people stood to benefit from it?
28. What was the new American government’s policy towards the Natives?