Criminal Justice, Annotated Bibliography

Discipline: Criminal law

Type of Paper: Research paper

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 3-4)

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 5 Words: 275


The impact of wrongful convictions on the entire US criminal justice system.


    • Title Page – including paper title, your name, course prefix and title, and semester
    • Statement of the problem or introduction of the topic that will be covered.
    • Review of relevant literature
      • Use evidence from peer-reviewed journals in relevant fields to summarize what is known about your topic
      • Current “state of affairs” regarding your topic
      • Contextualize the issue you are covering within the larger scheme of society
        • How does this issue affect other parts of society (i.e. economy, social/cultural consequences, education systems, political systems, technological systems, the criminal justice system overall)?
      • You may use non-academic sources for this section – empirical research above tells us one thing, but what is the larger dialogue in society about this topic and how does that compare to the research literature?
    • Implications and Conclusions
      • This is the chance to “bring it all together”
      • What does it all mean? Why do we care?
    • References list (correctly following current APA formatting)

  • You do not need an abstract
  • Double-space your paper
  • Include page numbers
  • Left justify
  • Use spell and grammar checker
  • Write clearly and concisely
  • Write in 3rd person (e.g., do not use I, we, us, you, etc.)
  • Do not use contractions (eg., it is instead of it’s)
  • Identify the word count (3000-3500) at the end of the document
  • Include a reference page
  • Wikipedia is never an acceptable reference
  • Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles are to be published no earlier than 2015
  • Direct quotes are to be used sparingly
  • Always cite the author(s) of the article/reference
    • Do not say According to the textbook….
    • Say According to Smith and Wesson (year)…
  • Use APA formatting rules throughout your paper and reference page.