Contributions to Modern Theories of Evolution

Discipline: Environmental studies and Forestry

Type of Paper: Creative writing

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 1-2)

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 5 Words: 275


Contributions to Modern Theories of Evolution

Pretend that you have been invited to conference on global environmental protections. Different NGO's, organizations, and government representatives will be attending the conference in order to get a better idea of which environmental pursuits and protections they are looking to invest in, in order to help address environmental issues around the world. You have been selected to represent the specific community or area in which you live. You may take a more macro approach by addressing a particular environmental issue you feel is important to the country, state, province, or territory you live in, or you may wish to take a more micro approach and focus on a specific issue that is impacting your immediate community, city, or town. Your goal is to inform the conference goers about the environmental issue you select, and to express the urgency in addressing the matter. Create a presentation to inform your audience on the issue you have selected (powerpoint, or another presentation format of your choosing).

Getting Started: Selecting an Issue

Consider a brainstorming exercise where you write down as many different environmental issues that you can think of that might be impacting your area. !

Then select 3 that you think would be of most interest to you. Do some preliminary research to see if you can find sufficient information on the issues you have selected. If not, go back to your list and select different issues. Continue this process until you find one you would like to pursue.

Consider looking to the news or media reports to see what environmental issues might be pressing in your country or community. !

Think about what environmental issues matter to you the most. How might they be represented in your country or community? Do some preliminary research and investigation to help narrow down a specific issue you would like to pursue.

Presentation Requirements :

Conduct research in order to help you address the following presentation requirements. Feel free to include any appropriate charts, graphs, tables, statistics, images, links or other supporting information to help illustrate the issue you are speaking to. Make use of appropriate headings in order to organization your presentation appropriately. Support your responses to each of the following with properly cited research information.

1. Introduce the environmental issue that you have selected. Provide any important background information and explanations that might better help your audience understand the issue you have selected.

2. Provide a brief history of your chosen environmental issue. When did it begin? How has it changed over time? Is it improving or worsening?

3. Explain how the environmental issue is represented in your community or country. Remember that you are trying to persuade people to invest in addressing the environmental issue in your area, so try to be persuasive and express the urgency in your concerns.

What is the scope of the issue in your community or country?

How does it impact your community or country?

Who is impacted? How are they impacted?

What are the causes or contributing factors that influence the environmental issue?

Why is it important that the issue be addressed? Why should it be considered the most pressing environmental concern?

4. Propose different courses of action, or measures that could be put in place that could help address the issue. Be specific, and feel free to offer a variety of different solutions.

5. Include in-text citations throughout your presentation, as well as a properly formatted Chicago Manual of Style bibliography.


Use the Chicago Manual of Style to format your assignments. Properly citing your sources shows that you respect the ideas of others and helps protect you against plagiarizing. The formatting style should be used to create bibliographies, end notes, and/or footnotes.

Requirements: NOT LESS THAN 5 PAGES   |   .doc file

just make sure that to use Chicago citation, work cited, foot notes (in text citations).