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What are different types of Communication Techniques

What are different types of Communication Techniques

The ability to communicate information accurately, clearly, and properly is an essential life skill. Communication can be tricky, especially when you need to communicate on behalf of someone close to your heart. In situations like driving a car, the importance of communication increases exponentially.

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What are different types of Communication Techniques
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The process by which a person tries to convey information through various methods such as writing, speaking, body movements, and so on is called communication. Communication often takes place between sender and recipient. The quality of the communication is ensured by the fact that it is easy to understand for the recipient. The method of communication is considered ineffective if the recipient has to go to great lengths to understand the message sent by the sender. The inclusion of communication techniques helps to get the intended message across in a very simple way. The communication must be clear so that the recipient does not misinterpret the transmitted message.

What are communication techniques?

The term communication refers to the process by which a message is transmitted from one person to another. In order to improve the quality of communication, different communication techniques have to be used by the individual.

 Types of communication

verbal communication

Verbal communication takes place when we talk to others. This type of oral communication can be classified as verbal communication. It is the most common form of communication as ideas are transmitted through sound. The high degree of simplicity and convenience of verbal communication makes it a popular means of communication among people.

Nonverbal communication

The non-verbal style of communication comes second. It’s a somewhat complicated method of communication that requires the recipient to focus on the other person’s gestures, looks, and body language. The recipient is asked to decrypt the hidden message by observing these attributes.

By mastering the concepts of interpersonal communication, students can improve their body language. It will help students improve their personalities from the very first phase of their academic life.

In formal presentations, interviews, speeches, etc., concepts of non-verbal communication are often included. Body movements such as leaning on a chair, profuse sweating, yawning, walking style, etc. also say a lot about a person’s state of mind. While walking slowly represents distrust of the person, bending back while sitting in a chair represents disregard for the person facing you.

Written communication

The written form of communication is very old and its origin can be traced back to the beginnings of human civilization. It is the written form of communication that has enabled the flow of messages across generations. The formal writing style is becoming less important due to the increasing use of social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Students must master written communication techniques to distinguish between occasions when formal and informal language needs to be used appropriately.


Listening is not often on the list of communication types. However, active listening can be one of the most important forms of communication because if we cannot listen to the other person, we cannot deal with them effectively. Consider negotiating – Part of the process is evaluating what the opposition wants and needs. Evaluation is impossible without listening, making it difficult to achieve a win / win outcome.

Eye contact

Frequent innovations in science and technology have made video communication a very popular means of communication in the world. Commercial product advertising usually takes the form of visual communication. The world is full of ads promoting even a trivial product through large visual campaigns. The use of visual communication technologies enables companies to run their marketing campaigns effectively. The human mind can easily be convinced by visual communication techniques.

Different types of communication techniques


Try not to interrupt the person in front of you and listen for the thoughts they are trying to convey. This will help you learn more about the context that your friend or colleague is talking about. We encourage our readers to master this technique slowly, as calm on inappropriate talking points will signal that you are not interested in talking.


The audience will not accept the transmitted message unless they trust the speaker. It is the lack of honesty in language or conversation that generally creates suspicion among audiences. Try to gain the audience’s trust and avoid using verbal phrases in your conversations. Do not give too much importance to your performance in the conversation. Appreciate the efforts of others and try to appreciate people when necessary.

Before telling a lie in front of the audience, the speaker should think about whether a false statement is necessary. Only take such dangerous measures if absolutely necessary.

Be Interrogative

You should bring yourself into the conversation with questions if you want to get the most information out of someone. A narrative from a person’s point of view won’t be effective enough for a critical decision to be made. Therefore, a questioning approach should be followed to ensure maximum information transfer.

Don’t flood the person with too many questions. Try to ask questions on a regular basis. Try to use open-ended and closed-ended questions regarding this approach.

Open-ended questions Including open-ended questions in the conversation helps to gain information from a broader perspective. The other party will describe this form of interrogation in detail.

Closed Questions – The question method is used when there is a need to extract very brief pieces of information from the other party. The answer will be objective (mostly yes or no). When time is running out, it is more appropriate to ask closed questions in your conversation.


Greet the audience or the other party with a smile. The gesture means that you are interested in talking to them. People always prefer a gentle approach to a hostile attitude. This gesture will backfire if the audience considers it wrong or sarcastic. Try to convey a sincere smile so that you can create a social platform for networking.


The exchange of ideas does not take place if the interlocutors are unable to listen. We encourage our readers to listen to what someone else is trying to say. Do not try to interrupt and only reply when the person is delivering their message. Good communication can only be implemented through an appropriate and relevant response.

Appropriate use of language

Before you give a speech in front of them, get a better understanding of your audience. Try to use the language that your audience is most comfortable with. Do not throw away your arguments and try to back them up with solid evidence. It would make the audience appreciate your arguments. Using collective pronouns like us and us in place of you and me can help the speaker increase interaction with the audience.

Be enthusiastic

Disinterest always dampens the conversation between those involved. It will be very difficult for a person to convey their thoughts to the other party who does not interfere much in the conversation. Nobody likes to talk to someone who is yawning and idling in conversation. Try to actively participate in the conversation and require interpersonal communication skills so that the audience feels positive.


The observation factor should be used by people who are serious about having a pleasant conversation but lack communication skills. By keeping yourself in the company of good speakers and observing skillful communication, you can easily discover the ability to arouse interest in others.

Communication skills are very important for students as they are very important when participating in a group discussion or debate. This approach will help you find a way to get your arguments in front of the audience in the best possible way.

Develop the reading habit

The frequent use of new social media platforms has meant that the new generation does not know the official languages. You can develop a good writing style by reading lots of books. Try reading magazines, novels, poems, stories, etc. The habit of reading books will improve your oral and written communication skills.

Keep learning

People often stop learning when they master a certain skill. We encourage our readers to periodically update their communication skills to avoid any stagnation in their skills. Never stop learning and update yourself with the new knowledge that is developing in this area

Keep your sense of humor

Humor is important even when situations are not in your favor. Everyone loves to laugh because it can relieve stress and thus raise the mood of the audience. However, make sure your sense of humor is appropriate to the audience. Nobody likes to laugh at a funeral, and everyone at the bar enjoys a dirty joke. So, using some common sense to crack a joke would be a great couple.

Therapeutic communication techniques in nursing and healthcare

I’ve seen nurses in various health centers and hospitals. Nurses play a huge role in the patient’s early recovery. Positive communication between caregiver and patient can be very helpful for the patient in a quick recovery from any illness. When a nurse uses therapeutic communication techniques in a healthcare setting, they will use the following techniques when communicating with patients:

Active listening

In active listening, the listener must listen attentively to the speaker’s message. While actively listening, sit facing the client or patient, lean forward, and make eye contact. Your customer needs to believe that you are listening to them fully.

Sharing observations

Make an observation. You can compliment someone else wearing something good or new. You can also talk about similar eating habits.

Share compassion

As you share empathy, you begin to understand and accept each other’s differences. You will begin to accept the fact that the person sitting in front of you is completely different and approaches life differently.

 Share hope

When you share hope, you are conveying the possible positive outcomes of a negative situation. You may have seen doctors ask to be strong with patients even in difficult times. Sharing hope can work wonders in the lives of those who face difficult challenges in life.

Share feelings

Most nurses and psychologists help patients by creating a comfortable atmosphere. It creates an atmosphere in which the patient or client can openly share negative-positive emotions without evaluating them.

Touch therapy

Touch therapy is one of the most effective therapeutic communication techniques in nursing. Most of the time you notice when you are sick and your mother is sick, her touch will make you feel better. Touch therapy has very impressive effects and is a good treatment option.


Silence is the best way to allow caregivers and patients to think about the next sentence. It helps the patient come up with a new topic in conversation. In this technique, it is recommended that the nurses allow the patient to break the silence by suddenly starting to discuss something new.

Recognition Therapy

Recognition therapy used by sending a positive stimulus to a patient or client when they have done something well. For example, if a customer is on medication on time, tell him / her that you are doing a good job. Encouraging and caring for the patient can aid the patient’s recovery. Psychologists often use this therapy on a child who has a behavioral disorder.

Offer yourself

Maybe you went to the hospital. The place is boring and monotonous. Patients who are admitted for long periods of time may feel stressed from the environment of loneliness and sadness. Nurses offer their time to patients. You talk to them as you would to friends and thus increase the mood and atmosphere. Sometimes they watch TV shows or have lunch with patients. This offers psychological comfort to the patient.


In this article, we discussed that the communication process is extremely important for everyone. Without the transmission of information, a person becomes isolated in society. Your personality is assessed based on the communication skills people have. There are many communication technologies around the world. We have just focused on communication theories that are widely used in business management and the nursing profession. We hope you have found this article useful. Thank you.

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